Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Getting Groceries, Physical Therapy, and Wedding Update

I worked last night and it was a breeze. I think we had 2 patients all night and three nurses. I had time to do several crossword puzzles.USA Today and Universal crosswords are my favorite. To those who don't do puzzles, those two are fairly hard. After several years of doing nothing but reading and doing crosswords, I am an expert of sorts and have a plethora of useless facts floating around in my head that I can bring up at a moments notice. I used to crochet but haven't been able to for the past 3 years because of my hands and wrists.(more on that later) I joined a puzzle club for 20 bucks a year and have over 70,000 crossword puzzles at the click of my mouse. Doing any kind of puzzles that stimulate the mind is supposed to help your memory or so I have been told. So I diligently work my puzzles without the answer sheet and feel ever so proud of myself keeping the spider webs dusted from my gray matter as I finish 90% of most that I set out to do.I just know that each puzzle I do is preserving and even enhancing my memory. Then something happens that brings me back to reality for instance this morning shopping for groceries. I went to the store without my list. I got EVERYTHING without a hitch. I even remembered the green scrapey things for the pots and pans. I was feeling good about me. I scanned my own groceries and bagged them. I went back to the front of the line to swipe my debit card, got my cart and walked to my car. I popped the trunk and reached around to get my bags to find that I had left them all in the store in the bagging section. I had to walk back into the store and the checkout girl is watching me. I just told her that I had gone to the car to make sure I had enough room for the groceries. Thank goodness she had the sense of a potato because she said " that's a good idea, I never would have thought of that." I got my groceries and left.
I got evaluated for physical therapy on my hands which have developed fairly bad trigger fingers and overall tendonitis. I can't open cans, or unlock a door or brush my teeth without a high degree of pain. The therapist evaluated my back, neck, arms and hands. When I tell you that it felt wonderful to have him squeeze and punch around on those areas I am not lying. After doing my neck and back I told him that I wasn't sure that 15 minutes was enough time to truly do a thorough evaluation. I felt that he should have spent at least and hour on the shoulders and neck. The good news is that I get ultrasounded, massaged and my hands and wrists creamed twice a week for two weeks then three times a week till I am better. WOOOOHOOO I bet it's going to take a while till I feel good again!!! All joking aside the therapist did say that he felt he could help me because I really don't want to have surgery.
Wedding update: We have a dress and it is beautiful. I was going to post a picture of the 'tryons' but decided that it's best to have it a surprise. We also have picked out invitations. Becky and I went one day and had a few that we liked, sort of. I called Frances ( Shane's mama) and asked her to meet us the next day and give her opinion. She looked over our selections and looked at a few more and found the one we are using. Becky and I love it. It's simple, elegant and cheap. Frances.... you are simply the best. My daughter is getting the best in laws. Shane's in laws aren't too shabby either.
Well my faithful two readers it's time for me to get Demi the boxer and go to bed. She is the best bed partner.She curls up next to me and sometimes rests her head across my neck. She lets me know if ANYONE comes in the house. When I am home alone during the day she makes me feel safe. I can sleep if Stan is home as well even though he doesn't growl if someone is outside.
Hugs to all


Carrie White said...

I can do the crossword puzzles in People Magazine. They have REALLY hard questions like..."Britany's last name, 6 letters."

Love the grocery story! Laughed out loud at the thought of you taking the "walk of shame" back into the store to retrieve your bags.

Anonymous said...

Loved your post! But I am the the 2nd of your two readers. So don't expect any more comments.


Tiff said...

I didn't know that you had so many issues with your wrist. I remember you always wanted me to play with your hair though...