Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Party for Patti

Becky and I took off for the outskirts of Chicago to celebrate my middle sister's 60th birthday. One thing you can depend on when we get together is that we will eat well.(and often) That and we usually shop. Several neat things happened during the weekend. Number one neat thing was that all of us met Chris's new bride the uber creative Jen. Neat thing number two was that we met our new nephews(and cousins) Keenan and Malcolm

Jack was our host for dinner at a wonderful steak restaurant. The above pics are of (from left to right) Kryss and Jen, then a pic of Patti and her chicks, Kryss and Jenny, and finally the host with the most Jack and Patti!

Jenny Martens is Patti's daughter and a vet in Geneva, Illinois. She was the party planner along with her dad. Her friend from work made a feast for all of us when we arrived.

My own precious daughter Rebekah.

This is my favorite pic of my older sister Barbara and her husband Bob.

Barbara's two daughters spent the weekend with us. On the top is Mindy and on the bottom is Carrie.

This was a group shot after lunch on Saturday.

This is the family that Ina made and was so very proud of. Her wish was that we would always be close....and we are and even a greater blessing our kids are as well.
I really had the best time. We ate till we couldn't eat anymore, we talked, laughed and enjoyed each other as we always do. I can't imagine a better family. The only down side to the weekend was that Stan wasn't there, Mark and Robbon couldn't make it because of a carrot emergency, and Joshua was with his students in Houston for dance competition.
I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I am with family especially after long absences. Becky and I awoke early Saturday morning and went to the hotel gym. We were energized and I felt a need to bond with my nieces so I called them up and told them to open the door that auntie deb was on her way. Mindy was sitting up looking cheerful and happy. Carrie was still buried under her covers apparently the night had not gone well. She did however rise to the occasion and joined us for breakfast.

Patti, Barb, Jack, Bob, Jen, Jenny, Christan, Malcolm, Keenan, Brandon, Ian, Rebekah, Mindy, Carrie, Kryss.... You guys are the very best. When I look at my family(even the absent ones) I see some very funny, creative, unique individuals that offer so much to each other. I love you all!!!


Carrie White said...

OK, you got even -- but not how you thought you would. Instead of writing about how horrible I was when you woke me up at 7:30 a.m.(!!!), you managed to post a picture of me that makes me look 9 months pregnant!! (the group shot) The picture of me holding the coffee cup wasn't half as bad as the preggo shot of me. haha How did you make my stomach look so huge?! smile.

Aunt Connie said...
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Aunt Connie said...
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Aunt Connie said...

I know I am not your Aunt Connie..Oh my goodness Debbie where has the time gone???
I check in on your blog from time to time and what a SURPRISE this blog was..Loved seeing everyone...