Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going Green and other things

Hi there, today I officially started yet again another diet. You know losing weight is really a state of mind and giving up fattening foods is just like giving up alcohol if you are an alcoholic. It's a one minute, one hour, one day at a time. You have to do a lot of praying and convince yourself that a)you are not hungry b)that the donut(ice cream, candy bar...substitute your own weakness)you want is really poison to your body especially at the quantity that you want. c) that yes you are upset about WHATEVER but an eclair WILL NOT make you feel better d) that you are beautiful(even at the current weight) but that for your health NOT your looks you want to lose the excess weight. Well okay, the last one is horse poopie mostly, because the bottom line is we all want to be the girl who can cross her legs and be thin enough to hook one leg behind the other one. If you are a man you want to lose the man-boobs. So I visited Planet Nutrition at my son's request and met with Chet and stocked up on things that will make me ummm... healthier.

On to saving the environment and going green. I have been green off and on for years. I have wondered though if you are not green what color are you, brown maybe? I never really got serious about it. I remember once I was saving cans. I saved cans for weeks. I had cans in plastic bags(not very green)I was up to my yang-yang in pop cans and didn't know what to do with them because our trash people didn't separate. They weren't very earth friendly at the time. Anyway I was at work lamenting my overflowing of cans and a co-worker volunteered to come over and collect the cans. We filled the back of his pick up truck with plastic bags full of cans. I felt pretty special that I was helping conserve. Afterward for several years I got eco-lazy and just pitched everything in the trash and carried all my groceries in plastic. Today I changed. I paid .99 cents each and got 10 bags that are made of material and I can carry them into the store and use them instead of paper or plastic. Is that neat or what. Eco-Deb was back. I really felt special and immediately went to the store so that I could buy something to put in my new bags. I bought fruit and toilet paper and a rag mag so that I could find out why Katie Holmes-Cruz is unhappy( betcha she doesn't separate) The guy at the check out put it all in plastic until I started waving my bags... then he said "do you want me to put the plastic bags in your bags".... duh!!!!! No Mr. Rocket Scientist I want to use MY bags only. So he took everything out of the plastic and put in my new reusable bags. I feel the urge to buy some earth shoes and a long flowered skirt. I am starting out small but really believe(no fooling) that we all have to help preserve our environment.
Till later, lots of hugs to the two of you

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Tiff said...

Ok seriously the bags rock!! not only are we doing a good thing for the earth, but didn't you find that you only had to carry like 3 of those bags vs 8 of the plastic bags! Seriously i love them, they are the latest craze her in Mi and if you don't have them at the check out people give you the "stink eye" so I have them too. I am on a "diet" way of life and I hate it!! any words of encouragement?