Sunday, July 26, 2009


11 days ago my daughter got me hooked on a game on Facebook. Mobsters. I cannot believe that I have let it take over my free time. Not wanting to be alone in my addicted state I have turned on several people at work to the joys of the game. I didn't understand it at first and went to my daughter's house for a tutorial that lasted about 2-3 hours. She like to never got me out of her house. Once I figured it out, I got to attack people and steal their money, buy property, make deals and add other unsuspecting persons to my mob("you don't have to play just join my mob".... knowing full well if they start it just pulls you in) My understanding is that Joshua was the original ringleader and he roped in Becky. Becky got Shane involved and then to his parents. Francis, Becky's mom in law told me she hated my kids. I know why. I just want to quit but heck I own a bunch of property, make about 80 thousand dollars an hour, I am responsible for multiple thugs and other mobsters and I have a cachet of weapons that a third world country would love to have. Oh and I have about 18 million in the bank. My last day off I was sitting at home(sans computer) and it was raining. Pretty soon I was obsessing about how much money other mobsters were stealing from me because I couldn't bank my money(if it's in the bank it's safe from stealing) I got dressed and went to the library and used their computer and I am glad that I did... I would have lost about 200 thousand dollars. I am not lying when I tell you it is easier to quit smoking.

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