Sunday, July 26, 2009

Middle Aged Men With Canes and PO(President Obama)

Besides playing Mobsters I have kept up with the news. I have been writing myself notes about what I want to blog about next. The health care situation is a mess and I haven't figured out a way to deal with it in my blog. I was watching the President speak about Health Care reform when a question was asked about the Henry Gates Jr. episode and the Cambridge, Mass. police department. PO(President Obama) made the statement that the police acted "stupidly" in their handling of the situation. PO further stated that how dangerous can a middle aged man with a cane be?. I wanted to laugh. I know that PO is a very smart man and you know full well he was briefed by his staff to expect questions about that situation so what he said was exactly what he wanted to say and was no accident. So PO, YOU were really stupid. A middle aged man with a cane can be very dangerous. I work in an emergency room. A cane can be a lethal weapon in the hands of ANYONE who is pissed off. For instance a middle aged man who was stopped by the police because a neighbor called in a possible breaking and entering. I wonder if during the situation Mr. Gates could have been thinking that this was a great way to get some publicity and proceeded to make a stink that he could turn into a racial issue. What they should have done was tased his butt, drug him off to the hospital and straightened it all out after he finished drooling. You PO, then compounded the situation by condemning the police department. I was mildly amused about the offer of having the two men involved come to the White House for a beer. How about saying "gee I was wrong and made a stupid statement and considering I am the most powerful man in America I should have said that I have no comment and let the situation be handled by the powers that be in Massachusetts". I don't know what the officer is going to do about the invite but I wouldn't go. He was insulted by the President and I just don't think a beer covers it. I find it interesting that his fellow officers of all races are standing behind this man.

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