Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America

I love July 4th because of what it represents. I love my country and I am unashamedly patriotic. I heard a portion of a news conference today with our favorite President O. Keep in mind I have been under a lot of stress the past week so I have tried not to listen to anything that man has had to say. I slipped today and heard him extol his spending spree and government interference thus trying to encourage Americans to get into the spirit "of our founding fathers." What he was trying to pass on to us was the idea that our founding fathers would just love what he (President O) is doing with all the spending and all the care taking that the government is currently doing. Now I don't know where you graduated from High School nor do I care but our forefathers, Mr. President, stood for liberty and small government. They certainly did not want this gigantic rolling wave that you have started that threatens to take over all aspects of our lives. Contrary to what you and Nancy and Harry believe I am capable of making my own decisions and do not want you EVER to do that for me. The one thing that you will be remembered for(in the event that you get passed all the government run programs) is that you will have created the single largest dependent society since FDR. And once you give the freeloaders within our society something you can't ever take it back. You are such a HUGE disappointment. I believe that you will be the ruination of our country if you are allowed to continue to spend money that we don't have taking care of people who feel that they are "owed". Our forefathers would not recognize what you have done to our country in such a short time.
We each still have a voice and we need to be heard. Contact your Representatives and let them know that you are finished with government interference in your lives. These people of both parties answer to us at the voting booths and if they don't listen to us then we will put someone in who will.

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