Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Health Care and Welfare Rant

Tonight we get to hear from POTUS (president of the United States)about the health care bill that he is just bound and determined to jam down our throats. I will listen avidly to see what spin he is going to put on this that will make me want to run to my computer and wildly type to my representatives and senators to immediately sign anything that he offers. The truth is that there is nothing that this man can offer that I will trust. I am tired about hearing that everything is George Bush's fault. When does it become your fault Barrack. The thing we teach our kids is that regardless of what goes on you have to assume responsibility for your own actions. So Barrack, grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. We need health care reform but we don't need a government provided insurance policy that will bankrupt our country. Oh wait, I forgot we are already bankrupt. I feel like a broken record, just repeating things over and over. But maybe just maybe once more will be enough. If you take from the rich and give to the poor.. this is health care, homes, food, etc. then the "poor" will have no incentive to work to better themselves and the rich are going to resent the hell out of taking care of not only themselves and their families but everyone else as well. If we continue have give away programs with no incentive to work(like workfare...if you get a check you have to do something for it.... not just sit on your ass and watch TV and eat) then we will cease to be the country that we know and love and capitalism will be something long gone and forgotten except in memory. We need to revamp the medicaid system and the welfare system. You want a check??? Good, go pee in a cup. If you have drugs on board then you don't get your check. If you are on disability then the government(which is currently hell bent on being involved in our lives) can get involved in finding you something that you can do. If you don't want to "do" anything then you can starve. You can have a baby but if I'm paying for it you don't get to have 5 by different fathers. If you are not married and keep having babies then you need to be fixed and you need to lose your "check". You have a "right" to as many children as you want. I have a "right" not to have to pay for your flagrant promiscuity. I am tired and I am angry. I do not want to support anyone but "mine". You support yours and don't depend on the government to give your lazy butt a check. The end of my rant.

P.S. Will someone please, please, please keep Nancy Pelosi off of the TV.


Yvette Burleigh said...

Well said! LOL!

Carrie White said...

Go Debbie, Go Debbie, Go Debbie.... Love it and I'm passing it along. Thanks. Now don't die. :-)