Saturday, September 12, 2009


Because I have to borrow computers until I can get my own I am a day late on my 9/11 blog. I again sat in front of my TV with tears rolling down my face at the familiar pictures of the terrorist attack in our own country. I do not want this anniversary date to be rolled into a 'feel good' day where we are helping each other, planting trees and painting houses. Quite frankly we should be doing this every day and not just once a year in memory of the worst attack our country has suffered since Pearl Harbor. What we need to focus on is that fact that planting a tree and painting a house does not make up for the fact there are groups in the world that want nothing better than to see the United States destroyed. So why not spend the day praying for those that were lost and studying up on those who wish to destroy us.....up to and including our elected officials. We need to understand all those who are setting out to destroy our country from outside and from within.

Our children need to see the images and know just what happened on that day. They need to understand that they can make a difference..... they can't change what happened before but as they grow they can directly affect the future by their knowledge and their vote.

The Twin Towers collapsing.
The people who jumped to their deaths, choosing their own way... and holding hands with co-workers so not to go alone.
The Pentagon in flames.
The Brave men and women on Flight 93 and Todd Beamer's call to "lets roll".
The mother speaking to her daughter on flight 93 knowing she would never see her again.
The firefighters, medics and average 'joes' who went into the towers trying to save others and who never returned.
The heartbreak that each of us felt as the scene unfolded before our eyes.

Remember the brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers who died that day for a hate filled ideology that few Americans can understand.

Remember the joining together as a nation to grieve, to yell, to cry, to hold on to our loved ones, to know the pain of a strangers loss as our own.

Remember the pride that we felt that we are AMERICANS and nothing and no one will keep us down and take away our liberty and our spirit.

Remember seeing the flag and the eagle and being moved to tears.

America don't ever forget, don't let a 'feel good' day take away the horror, pain, agony and anger that was so present that day.


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