Thursday, October 15, 2009

God Boxes

I was very stressed out this past 2 weeks and over the weekend talked to my sister Barb. She told me about God Boxes. This is where you put a problem with which you are having issues. The problems can be about a person, finances, current events, whatever it is that has you bound up and tearful, stressed out, worried, angry and ill. You close your eyes and picture a box and put the person, problem, bill, health issue etc, in that box and close the lid and give it to God. Then don't worry any more about it and let God deal with the issue. If the problem leaks out then you prayerfully reseal the box and give it back to God. Obviously for someone with my intelligence this is a metaphorical fix to just keep me from having a heart attack and missing my cruise. I put a recent problem I was having with a person into the box and within 2 days the problem was gone. Some metaphorical fix!!! It was over and done. Okay so maybe I'm not so smart or just maybe my faith has been lacking but all I know is that after that result I spent some time putting things in boxes and I have a warehouse full. The one I have Nancy Pelosi in has a handle on the side and plays music: once a day she pops up and scares the shit out of me.(sorry I couldn't help it... it just slipped out of me.)


Yvette Burleigh said...

Ok... you have me laughing so hard! LOL! My problem... there aren't enough boxes! LOL! I say we go further than that... how about a sealed tomb? Thanks for the laugh today. I needed it. You are a blessing! Love ya lots!

simply handmaid said...

you are too funny and this simple task sounds great...hugs marty

Carrie White said...

Just picturing Nancy Pelosi popping out of a box cracks me up. See, politics can be fun!