Thursday, October 8, 2009


Okay well I just love the title.... my sister Barb gave me that and I don't know where she got the nice little play on the word abomination but it fits. I got next to no sleep because I watched the news this morning and found out this little tidbit. Hold your seat.... our current president is a liar or he passed through law school on his charm and looks. Especially his constitutional law course. Remember his big talk about not letting the illegal aliens get any form of the government sponsored insurance? Even I sort of believed him. He stated emphatically that it will be put in the bill that they will not receive any part of that health care offering. Well according to the constitution .... this has been tested in Texas and California... any government social offering is available to anyone living in this country. The test cases were about education and the right of the state to deny education to children living illegally in this country. The states lost so just to make sure that you understand IF A BILL FOR HEALTH CARE REFORM INCLUDES A GOVERNMENT/ PUBLIC OPTION THEN REGARDLESS OF WHAT THAT TWIT PUTS IN THE BILL ANY ILLEGAL ALIEN WILL BE ABLE TO BUY INSURANCE THAT WE HAVE PAY FOR. Do you understand??? Not only will we have to pay for the dead beats in our own country we will now have to take care of all the illegals currently living here.
He would have made sure to have an exclusion put in the bill to look good when he knows darn good and well that it wouldn't hold up in court. Our president is a liar, stupid or a manipulator take your pick. I am grossly disappointed. More than ever I want this country to expel the illegal aliens from whence they came. Get out, stay out and don't come back. Live off of your own country and quit bleeding ours. I don't care if they have one or 50 kids born here...they NEED TO GO HOME.


Brittanicus said...

The doors are covertly opening again to another illegal immigration invasion. We now discerned that religious organizations are trying to use their congregations as a fulcrum to apply president Obama's Immigration reform package. It's in my mind that just people of the Baptist faith like myself, who are ardent worshipers, but whoever live in the stark veracity of real-time. Many are aware of the dangers of leniency for lawbreakers, that will be even more magnified by not only those already here, but the destitute restless people waiting for the--AMNESTY--bell to clang? It’s utterly irrational to expect that millions more will not tear across our borders? Yes! They will greatly benefit, but what about the 15 million jobless Americans?

There is no possible way Citizens and legal residents can compete in this deep recession, against the poor of other countries? An avalanche of the young and old that will devour billions of more dollars from government handouts, to not only clothe, medicate, shelter and feed them, but the illegal laborers wages partly transferred abroad? Churchgoers may think they are doing god's work, but what they are actually doing is stealing the bread from American children's table, low income families lifeline of paying for gas to get them to work, pay for an apartment? The magnet of course is the inevitable abhorrent businesses, who will solicit for minimum wage illegal aliens to build on their profits. THIS IS WHY WE MUST DEMAND NATIONWIDE E-VERIFY! A COMMITMENT FROM THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO MAKE IT MANDATORY FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS A JOB, TO BE VETTED. THAT NOBODY SHOULD BE EXEMPT. PENALTIES FOR NOT UTILIZING E-VERIFY, SHOULD BE EXEMPLARY? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT AMERICAN LIVES IN TURMOIL, BECAUSE JOBS ARE BEING STOLEN BY ILLEGAL WORKERS.Its operation will draw to the surface illegal labor who should not be here. We should inform ICE of anybody hiring illegal immigrants or you have suspicion of underpaid workers. My church pastor on the outskirts of Indianapolis has been playing on the congregation’s sensitivities, but the good man was unable to answer the torrent of questions?

Least of all myself, who explained how the Council of Foreign Relations has been planning for years, to incorporate Mexico and Canada with ourselves, to import an unceasing flow of cheap labor? Or that the ACLU was founded by a communist or that groups like the Southern Poverty league was substantially financed by the business community, to undermine the reputations of anti-illegal immigrant groups. That even the radical ethnic caucuses such as La Raza was furnished by grants from our own government or corporate concerns. That in actual fact--WE--are paying the price tag as taxpayers for our own downfall? Unless a large majority of the population yells down the phone-lines at 202-224-3121 this nation will become a balkanized society?

Brittanicus said...

This country was built on the strength of one language, one Judeo-Christian culture. Multicultural societies usually collapse, as in the Middle East. Even in the developed countries of Europe, their is a tenuous unsettled calm that will erupt finally over both legal and illegal immigration. Even America cannot support millions more people in their vehicles on eroding highways and surface streets. Our infrastructure has been blatantly ignored for years, bridges in urgent disrepair. We remain mostly alone in fighting foreign wars and other countries are telling us, that the dollar is unlikely to be the main trading currency. Then we have programmed political idiots we elected telling us, we need to pass a path to citizenship for the 20 million plus unfortunate peasant who illegally crossed our border.

WHERE IS THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS COMING FROM TO SUPPORT THE POOR PEOPLE OF THE WORLD? THE TAXPAYERS POCKET OF COURSE? My faith is very important to me, but that doesn't mean I'm going to commit financial suicide. Let these illegal aliens get there own governments in order, and not take from us? The Urgent truth can be found at NUMBERSUSA. Read about the corruption in Washington at JUDICIAL WATCH. CAPSWEB for the truth about OVERPOPULATION. BE REST ASSURED THAT THE PEOPLE WHO ARE EXPECTED TO BE GUARDIANS OF ALL AMERICANS, ARE IN ACTUAL FACT THE PUPPETS OF THE BUSINESS CONSORTIUM'S AND SPECIAL INTEREST LOBBYISTS.