Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Becky

28 years ago today I gave birth to my daughter Rebekah. Her dad wanted to call her April. I'm not sure why and for some reason the name Rebekah was on my heart. Stan agreed and Rebekah she became. Her middle name is from her Aunt (Nancy Elaine) She was born at 12:30pm at St Joseph's Hospital in Bryan, Texas. She was delivered by Dr. L. Rasberry. In attendance in the delivery room was her daddy Stan and her 'Aunt' Jojo. This delivery couldn't have happened quickly enough for me.

I was living in Tulsa when I found out I was pregnant and within 2 days(seemed like)I was in maternity clothes. I was sick intermittently throughout the day and I would up-chuck without warning. I was in the grocery in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma shopping and was looking at the meat. I didn't feel sick but as I looked over the bacon I just threw up, in the case. The meat man was not happy with me and I was encouraged to leave the store. Like I would really like to hang around after that episode. I was the size of Manhattan and miserable. My bra size had increased to EE's. My nurse friend Bryan W. would tape my boobs in a figure 8 and bring the tape over the back of neck so that I could breathe. My favorite food was french fries with mustard and ketchup and I indulged every night. By the time we moved to Bryan I had gained nearly 100 lbs and my 'cankles' were awesome sight.. or so I have been told. I hadn't seen my feet in months. Lady Di and Prince Charles married just months before she was born. I remember laying on my side in bed watching the wedding on a small black and white TV and feeling very huge. I still had my size 10 string bikini made out of a black crochet type material. My worst ever day was when I thought I would go outside and sunbathe and I got my little suit out. Just to give you an idea I was 120 when I wore that suit and by this time I was well over 200lbs. 4year old Joshua looked at me and said 'WHOA mommy!!' I have no idea how I could have thought I would fit. I was hysterical and packed up Joshua and went to the Dairy Queen at the end of the block we both were happier after we had cones.

I went into labor early in the morning. I was at the hospital by 7:30am and had an erratic labor. During my entire pregnancy Becky hardly moved. She was saving it all for the labor part and kicked me every time I had a contraction. She kicked so hard that my boobs would bounce. Dr. Ras finally decided that because of slowing heart rate that he would drag her out with forceps. Let me tell you that it felt like my brains were being suctioned out. She arrived screaming weighing in at 10 lbs and 9 ozs and she was 20 and 1/2inches long Stan tells me that she was big enough to carry a football. My friend Jojo pronounced her beautiful I looked at this black haired baby of mine through happy tears and whispered to the nurse "where is her nose" I didn't think the others had noticed that she didn't have one. She had such chubby cheeks that her nose was barely visible. The nurse Ms. Pat promised me that she would fix the problem and my baby went home 3 days later with her little pug nose where it was supposed to be.

She was my mother's last grandchild and my mother-in-laws first granddaughter. She was adored by her big brother and protected from birth by Sam the Boxer(a story for another day) She was my angel, her daddy's girl and the answer to her big brother's prayer. Happy, happy birthday precious girl. I wish you so many more.

Love Mom

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