Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family and Friends Like Family: The Non-Wedding Weekend

My family and two of my dear friends from Oklahoma had reservations to come to Joshua and Syd's wedding in Lafayette and as you know it was moved to August in Iowa. Since everyone still had plane tickets to come to Lafayette they decided to come on ahead and we would just have a mini reunion and celebrate my early birthday. It seems that in December I will be 60 years old. I really didn't think that was right and rechecked my birth certificate to be sure. I still feel like I'm 40 with just a lot more cellulite. Anyway I had a "birthday" celebration and a mini-reception for Joshua and Syd. Barbara, Patti, Mindy, Carrie, Jill, Rick, and Bryan all stayed at the hotel along with Becky and of course myself. The first night I hosted a buffet and Janet and Reno Leblanc came along with Westley Quebedeaux.

I was thrilled that everyone took the time to come and planned several events for entertainment. In the next blog I will have pictures from the swamp tour and the painting party. I simply loved having everyone here and enjoyed my "vacation" in the Presidential Suite at the Hilton. I do owe a huge thanks to Bryan's partner Rick Green. I pride myself of being able to get the most for my dollar but Rick is the uncontested king of getting the best for less. I had booked the suite for only two days that ended on Saturday. My guests were staying through Sunday and I just didn't have an additional 400$ for that last night. Rick slicked up his hair, took me in hand, and off we went to the reception desk. I LOVE watching a master at work. He complimented the manager on his style and gave him the details about how I was just HATING to leave the hotel and that the cost was just WAY to what could he do to help me. The man didn't hesitate and dropped the cost to one that I could afford. Now what you need to know is that I had already been down earlier and they turned me down flat. Love you Rick. You are the bomb!

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