Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Non-Wedding Weekend Entertainment Part 1: Swamp Tour

I have learned to love the state of Louisiana. My first few years here will filled with loathing of all crawling things that seem to be of abundance every where you go. Time has lessened my phobias and I have grown to appreciate our wonderful natural environment. Unfortunately our wetlands are disappearing along with the wildlife that depend on these areas for survival. I wanted to share with my family the beauty of the swamps. I asked around to long time locals about the best tour and was referred to Champagne's( pronounced shom-pine..not like the drink). Brian Champagne conducted our tour in a flat bottomed boat. The bayou simply said is wondrous. We saw birds, centuries old trees, alligators, and a few spiders. The local fauna is beyond description. Brian was a wonderful tour guide and I cannot recommend him highly enough. My sister Barbara told me later that she initially did not want to go but was so very happy she did. I think that sentiment was held by all. I will close this blog by saying that much needs to be done to preserve our wetlands and that beauty like this should never be lost. Thank you Champagne's Swamp Tour for a wonderful morning.

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