Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Hart Today the Day???

Sydni and Joshua are in Iowa for the Hart family reunion.  It is always the first weekend of August and Harts come from all over the US to attend.  Apparently the newest Hart, my granddaughter wants to attend too.  Sydni called me this morning to ask what it was like if your water broke.  She explained her symptoms and it sounded suspiciously like labor.   They were on their way to the hospital as she was talking.  Well they have admitted her and will keep her till the baby comes.  The princess Hart is 6 weeks early but I believe that God is there in the room and womb and all will be well.  What is serendipitous is that a year ago they were planning to get married in mid September and moved the wedding up to the first weekend in August to get married in Iowa at Hartland Woods, the family campground.  Well the baby was due mid September and they felt safe to travel to the reunion and now the baby is going to be born during the Hart family reunion time.  Except that it is a little early it couldn't be more perfect.  I wish I was there.  I imagine her mom will fly up and Steve and Peggy, Joshua's dad and step-mom will be near-by.  My heart is so full and it is taking all I can not to get in my car and go.  OHHHH  I just remembered... I don't have my car, they do!!! So sometime in the next few hours or days my little granddaughter will enter the world.  My little sweetheart when you make your presence known and enter this cold hard world know that you will be surrounded by love.  You are wanted and loved already.  I look forward to the first time I can look into your eyes.  You have such amazing genes.  Your great grandmother Ina is in heaven and I believe is watching and will be in the room with your mom and dad.   Oh Lord just surround their room with your peace.  Give them the strength and surety that all will be well.  Take care of Sydni and keep her in your loving embrace.  Oh Lord keep Joshua in  your  arms and provide him the words to express your greatness.  In Jesus name I pray.

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Yvette Burleigh said...

Congrats to all! I am so happy for them both! God's timing is never ours and His timing is always perfect. But what a testimony! Wow!