Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Politics:Families and Friends

Nearly four years have passed since B. Obama became President.  It's that time again for tempers to rise, opinions to be stated and arguments to happen.  In our family we are diverse with one sister a very liberal Democrat and three of us Republicans/Independent.  In my personal family I am married to a former Democrat who joined the Republican Party after he completed his military duty.  He states that  he changed because he saw how the Democratic Party mislead his generation. Stan can go on for hours about this but  to  cover it in one run-on sentence:  In his travels in the service he saw the positive and negative of American influence in the world and he felt that the Democrats did not represent the truth.  We have both voted for Democrats in the state but have stayed with the Republican ticket in the presidential elections.  My son feels that we are in the biblical end times so it doesn't much matter who we vote for but he usually votes Republican.  Rebekah is the hold out politically and never talks about her views much to her very  Republican husband's distress.  But in defense of my daughter she is right her views belong to her and if she wants to share them she will.  I think she delights in the fact that she won't tell!.  During the last few years she told me that I was writing to much politically on my blog and not enough about family.  I agreed to an extent and have made an attempt to keep my views to a rare entry.  Sometimes though I cannot stop myself.  I loathe this current administration and what it has done to our country.  I adore a political conversation, discourse, debate, and  argument.  A former co-worker Eric and I used to go round and round.  He was an Obamaphyte and thought that the air he expelled was holy(slight exaggeration here.... sorry Eric... but it's close to being true!) We would tie into it and almost get to the yelling point!!!  It was great.  Afterwards we would always agree to disagree and go on. I really valued what Eric had to say.  I didn't agree with it but I did listen and consider his opinion briefly before I ignored his view.  He would be the first to tell  you how wrong I was but he listened too.  He just ignored anything I said.  On Facebook I have a friend named Bob who puts out some of the funniest anti-Obama stuff you have ever read.  He is obviously a die-hard conservative and has a friend named Hugh who is the exact opposite.  I love reading the debate between these two.  It makes me think, provides me laughs and there are always those who have to enter in a comment. Including me.  I think Hugh is deluded but I love reading his comments.  Discussion is how we exchange information, form opinions, and clear the air.  The only thing that I hope I can accomplish through Facebook and my blog is to make people pay attention to what is happening politically and to THINK before they vote.  The most important thing we do for our country is to vote.  You can vote for whomever you wish but don't do so because  Bob, Eric, Hugh, or I  told you our candidate is the best.  I have another friend who refuses to watch the news and doesn't read anything unless it is written by Nora Roberts.  She always asks me how to vote.  I have railed against her flipping ignorance about current events to no avail.    She called me the other night and said "we don't like Obama do we?"  I just laughed and told her that I couldn't stand him but she needed to form her own opinion.  Her problem is she doesn't want to get involved.   You have to read books and articles from both sides of the Aisle.  You have to watch news from ALL sources and not just a minute before you change channels.  Quite frankly I will watch CNN/MSNBC to continue to confirm the liberal ideological bent of those news agency.  This is something that I will go into in another blog. I listen to Fox because I get an ACCURATE accounting of both sides of the fence. I don't want to be fed only one view.  I want to hear opposing sides.   Obama doesn't like Fox.  They hold his feet to the fire and the others don't.   Know this.  I am an American.  I love my country.  I do not like what this Administration has done to the Republic. If you wish to debate me I would love it but if you ONLY get your information from  news shows that are shamelessly  liberal, or read only those things that support your opinion save your breath.  You are ignorant, I have better ways to waste my time.  


Anonymous said...

Who is Huge? You mentioned him in your blog.

Deborah Higginbotham said...

Hugh is a friend of Bob.. another Facebook friend....I don't know him personally.

Deborah Higginbotham said...

PAAAHAAAAAA...just picked that up...... will correct. Huge.... for Hugh