Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet the Family Allison River Hart

Dear Allison River Hart,

Welcome to the world my precious little granddaughter.  It must be pretty strange for you about now.  All the noise, the lights, and smells.  I imagine that the change in temperature must be pretty scary too.  I just wanted to let you know that you were very much wanted and loved even before you decided to enter the world.  You are part of a very wonderful family and I thought that I would take the time to introduce you to everyone so that we all don't seem so strange.

Mommy and Daddy:  Mommy's name is Sydni and she is the one who was nurturing you for the past 7 and 1/2 months.  It was her heart beat that you heard that provided you comfort.  It was her womb that you were resting in getting ready to join us.  Mommy is a ballerina.  She is a beautiful dancer and she took you on spins around the room every so often. Mommy is also a massage therapist which means that you will get wonderful back rubs when your tummy is upset.  Daddy is like a male mommy with a deeper voice.  He will get to hold you now that you are out.  He has big hands that can protect you and a gentle heart that will hear your unspoken needs.  He is a dancer too and a massage therapist.  He can tell a story without talking by moving his feet and hands. He is a beautiful dancer too. When he holds you , you will be able to hear and learn what his heart sounds like.    Mommy and Daddy both love God and will teach you all about Him as you grow older.

Grandpa Steve and Grandma Peggy Hart:  Okay this gets a little confusing but Grandpa Steve is daddy's daddy.  Grandma Peggy is daddy's stepmother.  Grandpa Steve is a doctor and spent his time in the Navy.  He is a retired Admiral.  He had an important job but now his most important job is to love you.  Grandma Peggy owns a Tea Shoppe.  She is a successful business woman and a mommy too and she loves you so much as well and  maybe when you get older she will have a tea party with you.  They live in Iowa where you were born.

Aunt Becky and Uncle Shane Garrard:  Aunt Becky is daddy's sister and Uncle Shane is her husband.  Aunt Becky is a nurse practitioner and is very very smart.  She is tall and beautiful too.  She is going to be a wonderful aunt and will spoil you.  Uncle Shane owns a business with his family and works with computers.  Uncle Shane is very smart too.  And he is funny.  Really really funny. He has a big garden and rides a tractor.    Aunt Becky and Uncle Shane have chickens and live by the levee.  They have alligators near their house.  They also have two dogs, Maxi and Tig.

Grandma Stephanie and Grandpa Kurt Bourg:  This is mommy's mommy and daddy.  They came to visit you today.  Grandma Stephanie sells houses and  is very successful.  Grandpa Kurt is a fireman.  He puts out fires and saves peoples lives.  You are their first grandchild and they love you so very much already.  Grandma Stephanie is going to ride in the car with you all the way back to your home in Louisiana just in case you need something.  She thinks you are beautiful.

Uncle Seth Bourg:  This is mommy's brother.  He is marrying Kristen and she will be your other aunt.  Uncle Seth is a fireman too.  He is like grandpa Kurt and puts out fires and saves people's lives.

Great grandpa Allen and  Great Grandma Carolyn:  They are mommy's grandparents and they drove to Iowa to see you today too.  They have lots of time and love to give you.  They live close to your home and will see to it that you are spoiled rotten.

Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Stan:  This is daddy's mommy and stepfather.   Grandpa Stan sold windows and is retired now.  He is very excited that you are here and can't wait to meet you.  He likes to hunt and has plenty of deer meat to share with you. Grandpa Stan likes to read and will sit with  you and read you books if you smile at him.      He is working as a carpenter's helper to pass the time right now until you get home.
Grandma Debbie is me.  I am a nurse in an Emergency department and used to fly on a rescue helicopter.  I also like to write and take pictures.  I will take hundreds of pictures of you and show those pictures to perfect strangers if they sit still long enough.  I have so much love in my heart for you already that it feels like it is bursting.  I can't wait to meet you.

There are so many other people that will be important to you that it would be hard to write about each one.  You have a Great Aunt Patti who is with the Red Cross,  Great Uncle Jack who is the Mayor of their Iowa town.  Great Aunt Barbara who is known as Aunt Bee and she is waiting to meet you too.  You have cousins, other aunts and uncles who are looking fofward to seeing you.  Grand Taunte Jill sends her love and thinks you are just beautiful.  There are so many many people who are just waiting to see you.  I will close this for now and will write again later.

I love you precious girl,

your grandma Deb

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Tanya said...

This made me cry....she is so lucky to have you. Congrats!