Thursday, March 21, 2013

Abortion and Dr. Gosnell

I have been preparing for my daughter's baby shower this April.  The preparations will be in another happier blog than this one I am writing.  I was shopping for ribbons for table decorations and was on my way home when I nearly got sick listening to the news while I was in my car.    I was thinking about how excited I am to meet my future grandson Winston when I keyed into a news report about an abortion doctor in Pennsylvania.  I was sick and found myself in tears as I was driving.  Dr. Kermit Gosnell an abortion doctor is on trial for murder in Pennsylvania. He performed early and late term abortions averaging 1000 a year. In Pennsylvania you can get an abortion up to 24 weeks.. and for you non medical peeps... a baby can survive at 24 weeks with our current medical capabilities( its not easy but it is possible). Dr. Gosnell services an inner city clinic and his staff performed illegal acts up to clipping the spinal cords of babies born.  One worker testified that the doctor commented on one delivery that the baby was "big enough to go out a catch a bus home".  I have written about my beliefs on abortion in earlier blogs and to repeat my stand is close to right to life but excluding when the mother's life is at risk.  I also believe that a woman who has been raped should take the pill offered in the ER to prevent conception.  That is my stand and does not include  when the "victim" at 6 months wants to terminate her pregnancy.  You don't want this baby then give it up.  I cannot wrap my mind around what this doctor has been allowed to do.  I also cannot understand how he had people willing to work with him.  He is a monster.  He is also black.  Why is that important.  His attorney has made it racial. Defense attorney Jack J. McMahon, described Dr. Gosnell as dedicated to treating the poor and accused prosecutors of racism — “a prosecutorial lynching” of his client,       
“It’s an elitist, racist prosecution,” Mr. McMahon said. “This black man is being taken because of who he is and where he works.”
So in answer to attorney McMahon: You moron.  You are an idiot to think that I give a crap what color this man's skin is in relation to the atrocities he has committed.  He is a monster and you are defending him.  I really hope that your dreams are haunted by the dead.  That should be your punishment for making this a racial issue and trying to steer the jury away from the fact that this man is a serial killer.  I don't care that he worked  in a poor neighborhood... bully for him.  We have free clinics here in Lafayette and we are not murdering babies.   In his "career" he has performed over 16 THOUSAND abortions.  He got more money for later term abortions because they take three days to do.  When he was interviewed by the FBI he had just finished up a case and was eating his dinner with his bloody latex gloves on and worse yet, the gloves had tears in them.  He also killed a patient because too much pain medication was administered for the patient weight.  The medication was given by an unqualified worker as well.  So this "saint" was taking care of the poor.. what a huge joke on the poor.  He was using out of date medication, unqualified personnel, and horrible hygiene.  The "poor" would have been better staying at home. 
I was talking with my sister about this and told her that not only am I angry at this so called doctor but I am equally angry at the women who would elect to terminate at a late date.  Their baby's heart is beating, his taste buds are formed he can feel pain.  So when you went through your 3 day procedure he was in pain and if he survived the ordeal as soon as he was born the staff stabbed him in the back of the neck to sever his spinal cord. You are equally as morally liable for murder as this doctor is legally.  I cannot find in my heart or mind any way to make your decision right. 
What have we become in this country that life has so little value, that our personal convenience has relevance over the life of a human.  God will judge us harshly for our callous hearts. 
The staff should do hard time for their participation in these horrors, they could have called the authorities and put a stop to all that happened.  Dr. Gosnell should be ABORTED... take that any way you want. 

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