Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I realized why I hadn't posted in ages. I'm tired.  Everyday I think of things that I want to write about then I get home and I can't imagine sitting down in front of the computer.  I have been working a lot of overtime and I'm having issues with remembering that I am getting older and probably should take it easy.  My checkbook screams at me to pick up shifts and apparently I cannot say no.  I did several 14 hour shifts and realized that I spend an inordinate amount of time doing my hair.  I have to get up in the morning (or evening depending the shift) two hours early so that I can wash my hair, put it up in rollers, sit under the hairdryer for 30 minutes, tease it, and spray it rock hard so that it will last the shift.  That is 2 hours that I could spend in my bed.  I did something that my daughter has been after me for years to do, I bought a wig.  I love it.  I cannot believe that I didn't do this years ago.   I get up get a shower, put on makeup and slap on a wig.  I now  have several colors  and styles and it makes me happy.  At 65 I need things to make me happy! I have had mixed reviews with most liking my new hair but it doesn't matter I LIKE them and the time that I now have.  My grandchildren haven't noticed my hair change but a month ago I was babysitting Allison and Aries.  I didn't realize it but was running a low grade fever and was antsy.  I reached up and pulled my wig off.  The room was dim and Allison screamed and ran from the room.  Aries started laughing and said "funny Mimi do it again".  I  had to really work on Allison she thought I had pulled my hair off.  Patton calls it my "hat".  

When I turned 65  I realized I am now considered geriatric.  I get special discounts, people defer to me in public, and I am treated differently and sometimes with amusement. I look in the mirror and see a younger person than what I see in a photograph and that is a shock.  I don't know where the time went.  Yesterday I was 26,  I went to bed and woke up age 65. I have wrinkles, stiff joints and my skin hangs down by my knees and well, in other areas that won't be mentioned.  I cannot fight father time but I am going to delay him as long as I can. I have grandchildren that I want to enjoy and I want to be able to  be physically able to keep up with them. 

I have been having physical issues over the past year or longer.  I have stiffened up and have various aches and pains that I never had before.  I don't go to the gym anymore because I don't have the time and my back and legs hurt nearly all the time.  My posture sucks.  I walk leaned forward and my muscles have had to readjust to support my frame.  I had my doctor's appointment with my NP and she was concerned so I am now in physical therapy.  I had my first session today and I love it.  I came home with renewed purpose and will tell everyone that I work with to tell me to straighten up when I start to lean forward and to ignore me if I tell them to bite me when they correct me. Life is good!  Winston had his 4th birthday party at Sky Zone a trampoline play land.  You have no idea how much I wanted to go out and bounce.  Being 65 means you have to think about broken hips.  I stayed on hard ground but in my mind I was bouncing around like an idiot. 

I look at pictures of my mom at this age and believe that I look better and younger than she did.  My sister Patti is older by  4 years and I think that she doesn't look her age either.  I am praying that the  saying 60 is the new 50 is true.  I took an online test to determine my age by asking questions.  I came out with 28.  I like that.  I might have a 65 year old body but  I have a 28 year old mind.  I had Botox a few months ago.  It did not turn out well.  To get rid of the wrinkles in my forehead it made my eyelids droop.  The effects have worn off and I wont repeat that BUT I am continuing the Juvaderm in my lips.  My lips had thinned to the point that you couldn't see them.  My doctor plumped them up and I love them.  I can wear lip stick and make a duck face in selfies if I was so inclined......which I am not.

I am glad that I am married because if I was dating I would have to hand out a disclaimer: This woman is not what she appears.  She has fake boobs(due to cancer), crowns on her teeth, Juvaderm plumped lips, and wigs  BUT she has a 28 year old mind so it might be worth the risk. 

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