Saturday, October 27, 2007

Natural Disasters, Sisters and Donuts

I know, unless you don't ever watch TV, read a newspaper or listen to the radio, that you are all aware of what is happening in California. In case you are in the above group STOP WATCHING RERUNS AND LOOK AT THE NEWS. News Flash... California is on fire. Countless people have been displaced, thousands of homes have been destroyed, the damage is horrendous..... sound familiar???? If not stop reading because the rest of this blog will bore you....

My sister Patti is with the Red Cross in fund development. I am so proud of her. She is in charge of fund development in L.A. and will be out in California till the first week of November. As far as I am concerned they couldn't have anyone any better for the job; she is smart, a go-getter and truly cares about the people that her efforts will serve. I am in awe of what she is doing. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister Barbara last week suffered her own disaster when she broke her left arm high up on the humerus. She was running to answer the phone(I was calling) and she fell down and broke her arm... kinda makes me responsible. She is healing as I write. More importantly she is very positive about what is happening to her. She told me the other day that Joshua had called and prayed with her and she really felt a change in her attitude. So YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

Now on to me. I made the mistake of watching Mega Disasters on the Discovery Channel. It was talking about the Yellowstone National Park and how its just one big ass volcano and it isnt dead. I never really gave Old Faithful much thought other than to think how cool it was that you could set your watch by the guyser. Old Faithful is just a hint of what is teaming below the surface( i think they said 5 miles?) There is a HUGE lake of lava just waiting to explode. If it does, well then.... poof..... no more bread basket in the US or Canada. It also was clear that if it erupts there will be no more animal or people for hundreds of miles and then the world changes in that the weather will cool all over and crops will fail, droughts will happen, nothing grows people will die and on and on and on. Al Gore will never get over it if the earth doesnt heat up.... that would be the ONLY good side to an mega eruption. You notice how I talked about the bread basket region in the US and Canada.... follow my train of thought here... mega eruption> no more bread basket>no more wheat> NO MORE DONUTS. That morning I went into the Winn Dixie to get my supplemental fruit and veggies for my diet. I passed by the donut section that they prepare in the store and they had 4 french crullers in the case. They are my most favorite donut. I stood there for at least 5 minutes trying to figure out a way to justify getting all four and snarfing them down in the car before I got home. I took the high road and walked on by. THEN I see the mega disaster show. BINGO....I had my justification..... What if.... are you following me here?..... what if the big one happens and there will never ever be any french crullers again. I just gave up my last opportunity to eat one. I almost went back but I was too depressed about the big ass volcano to move.

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Carrie White said...

Yes, my mother, who is supposed to baby-sit my three kids in two weeks while my husband and I go to a missions conference for the weekend, broke her arm while running to the phone to answer YOUR phone call. Do you see where I'm going?! YOU now have to baby-sit my three boys! When should I expect you to arrive?