Sunday, October 7, 2007

Saving lives and good karma

In the past couple of years I have saved two lives that in the grand scheme of things may not seem important but I wonder how my intervention changed the course of the lives that I touched. The first was a drowning victim that I single-handedly rescued from the water and the second was a small life that would have been snuffed out after a suicidal leap from a distance five times the height of the victim in an attempt to escape his pursuers.

A few years back I was at work and had to use the bathroom. I went into the john and discovered to my dismay that a mouse was swimming in the toilet. It had fallen down from the off kilter ceiling tile. Trust me when I tell you that it was only by the Almighty's grace that I just didn't pull the drawers down and sit like I normally do... this time I just happened to look over my shoulder and caught sight of Mr. Mouse. I am quite sure the mouse was ever so grateful as well. I was in a flush or not to flush. I watched it for a while...just swimming around. Thought about it and came out to ask my co-worker her opinion. She look at me like I was NUTS and said flush it. You know, something just held me back. I made up my mind that if in an hour the mouse was still alive.... I was getting him out. Exactly one hour later I went back in and it was heart breaking. Mouse's little nose and whiskers were the only thing above water... he was exhausted....his little legs were barely moving. I ran to get a urinal and scooped Mr. Mousie up and carried him outside to release him. I gently poured him out and he laid on his side for a minute and then jumped up, scampered off and just before he disappeared he turned around , sat up on his hind legs and just looked at me and I believe he waved his little front paw at me. It was a real woman-mouse communication moment.

Then last night I walked into work and my two co-workers were screaming like girls....(they are girls by the way)apparently Ms. Mousie jumped out of Georgette's purse as she was trying to find her keys and scampered across the desk.( wouldn't that just surprise the shit out of you?) It was headed toward the end of the desk and it leaped over ending up in the trash can. I took the plastic liner out and took Ms. Mousie outside and freed her before someone else could grab her and smash her little mouse head. I had another mouse communication moment.. She stopped, sat up on her hind legs and moved her whiskers..while looking at me. I am developing an unusual reputation around here..... but you know what?.... did any of you ever see Cinderella...hummmmmm....I did and I have never forgotten what those mice did for her...with the dress and all. How about the mouse on the Green Mile.... makes me cry every time I watch that movie.
I am building up all kinds of good mouse karma, you just never ever know.....


Carrie White said...

I am so proud to know you! It warms my heart to know that my Aunt loves God's creatures enough to save their little lives.

Tell me -- are there some human patients you wouldn't have gone to the same heroic measures for? :-)

Anonymous said...

omg. that is THE funniest thing. you're a riot!!!

laurie eller