Sunday, December 23, 2007

Delta Festival Ballet Co. and 2007 Nutcracker and Josh

On December 15 Becky and her wonderful boyfriend Shane drove me to Slidell, Louisiana to see the first performance of Nutcracker put on by Delta Festival Ballet Co. It was a trip down memory lane for me to see Joshua up on the stage again with his old ballet company. I was thrilled to note that he dances better than ever and that once again I have had the opportunity to see him perform in a professional venue.

Okay I have to address this issue. I have tried being modest.....but I HAVE BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN. There, it's out in the open I have said it and I meant it , every single word. I wish I could say that they look like me but they really do take after their daddies. I am not crazy about the shade of blush Joshua is wearing but hey it looks good on stage!!!
This is a pic of he and his partner for the soldier dolls in the beginning. They did a marvelous job!

The most exciting for me to see was the Arabian dance. I leaned over to Shane to tell him "see that's Josh!" To which Shane replied..... laughing.. I see that. I am rather dim-witted when I have had no sleep. This last pic is of Josh and three of the talented ballerinas with Delta. Thanks again to Joseph and Maria Giacobbe for puting on a Magical show

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