Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12 Letter to Mom

Hi Mom,
I miss you, it's been 6 years since you died and I think about you all the time. My children have certain characteristics that remind me of you and I find myself smiling with good memories. I spent Patti's birthday in Illinois with everyone but Joshua, Mark, Robbon and Stan. You will be so pleased to know that we are all close. My sisters and I love each other like you would have wanted us to. In fact its because of you that we are so close.... you made us 'family'. You being you gave us the example that family is everything and I am so grateful to you for that. You will be happy to know that Patti reminds me of you and Barbara reminds me of Edna. It's a hoot when we are together.... I don't know who I remind people of but usually they say it's you. Because of circumstances we have rekindled a relationship with Jo Anne. I know that you would have approved because she needs us. She doesn't have family like we have. Mark and Robbon have two children... two beautiful girls Mia and Ashley. Carrie and Ben have three boys: Joel, Drew and Evan. Mindy is still just as sweet and you should see Suzanne..... Mom she is just beautiful. Barbara and Bob are such wonderful grandparents. Patti and Jack are grandparents as well. You remember Chris's little girl? Well Chrystin( I never can spell that right) is a beautiful young lady. Chris has a new wife Jen and thru her you have 2 new great-grandsons, Malcom and Keenan. Mom you are probably busy up there but keep your eye out for Chris's kids till he and Jen can get custody of all of them. Jenny and Brandon have little Ian( like your name Ina) who is a trip. You would have absolutely adored him. They are trying for another one so like the last time when Jenny was pregnant... keep watch over her. Your youngest grandchild Rebekah is getting married to a wonderful young man named Shane. Oh Mom you would just love him. He makes Becky laugh and really really loves her. Becky is a nurse now. Mom she is just beautiful and so smart. I am in awe of her. I know that you walk with her and give her help when she is tired and discouraged. Joshua is doing well. He says he is never getting married. He got a tattoo.... I know that you weren't crazy about them but I actually like them. The one on his chest is about you. It's a small cross with GL3 under it. ... stands for Great Lord God Loves Grandma Lucky. He is such a beautiful dancer and Mom he finally owns his own business with Desiree Doucet, his partner. I believe that each time he dances that you see and that you are proud and that you give him wings. Mom I love you today as much as I did when you were here. You were the best.
Love, Debbie


Robbon said...

I'm sorry you miss her so. It is a feeling that never fades. I hope that typing your post helped you feel better since the pain from the loss of a mother can be overwhelming at times. Thank God you had such a great mother. What a wonderful gift. Take care. Robbon

Anonymous said...

Aunt Debbie, oh my, I'm sitting here with tears rolling down my face - what a beautiful letter. You did a fantastic job summing it all up in one paragraph. I can't imagine my life without my mom. Mothers are a true gift!
Love, Mindy

Desiree said...

Wow Deb, you really are a gifted writer. I just can't get over how vividly you can paint a picture so that anyone who reads it instantly understands thouroughly what it is you are trying to put across. Not just the words - but with all of the emotions that you are feeling and more. I know you miss her dearly. But I also know she can SEE what a great mom, sister and friend you are to all you come across - truly the highest tribute a mother could ever know. I love you!