Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Good Man Died Last Sunday....

A good man died May 18th. Actually according to the paper a lot of people died that day. The difference is that I knew this one and he was an important part of my daughter's life. May 18. 2008 was when Steven Billeaud(pronounced Beo) died in a tragic accident and left what seemed like half the city of Lafayette in mourning. I went to the funeral today at St. John the Evangelist Cathedral to pay respects. I sat in awe of the church. In silence I looked around at the stained glass that sparkled like jewels on all sides of the massive sanctuary... the incense was sweet and the air inside was cool. I really felt a sort of peace during the entire service as I sat there hoping that Steve was looking down seeing the vast number of people that called him 'friend'. He was the father of Rebekah's best friend Leigh. They were friends since the third grade at Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau. They have carried each other thru life's good times and bad times and this was surely the worst for both of them. Becky is blessed to be 'part' of their family and shared many happy times with the Billeaud family. Leigh is Becky's Maid of Honor. My heart ached for his wife Sarah and there is nothing that can be said to take the pain. They had a slide show at the funeral home that really celebrated his life. In the midst of the horrible sadness you found yourself laughing thru tears at the pictures that were selected. The unreserved joy that was his life touched so many people, that much was evident.
Sarah the only thing that I can say that would offer any comfort is that the best of him is in your three beautiful daughters and your granddaughter. Leigh, Lexie and Audrey you had a wonderful father and he taught you honor, dedication and a zest for life. He was so proud of all of you.
Steven Billeaud was a good man.

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Aitch Stewart said...

Hello deborah,

steve will most definitely be missed. I just met him only month ago when he and his wife came to visit my dear friend leigh in DC. I loved him immediately - his charm, his kindness, his wit, his warmth, and the list goes on into infinity. he is someone whose memories will be cherished forever because he was just that lovable...that genuine... all these things are rare, especially all together, and I am glad that I was fortunate enough to see it. also, all those wonderful things about him and within him will live on in his girls. this is just what I believe.

friend of leigh