Friday, May 16, 2008

Elite School And Cornerstone Dance Theatre

Last October 2007 Joshua and Desiree were being booted out of their previous building... they however weren't aware that it was happening. We suspected that the owners of their previous building had sold but they wouldn't admit it and wanted to continue to charge the kids rent... "bastids" ...I accidentally found out and told the kids to move right away. They went out looking and found this fabulous building with 6500 square feet. Actually what happened was Joshua found a church and close by a street named Luke.... he felt it was a good omen and tada... there was the building. The above pic is the lobby and the office
Here is Joshua doing things he never thought he would or could do.

This is the finished product in less than a week. This was an effort of both Des and Joshua and the families. The studio has three rooms the main room is a 50 by 50 room that is used for the main dancing area the pictures here show the finished room and Josh hanging the 14 foot black and white curtains a gift from Ted Viator. The next room is the baby room and it originally was the loading dock. It was a mess and literally within 10 days they had it up and running. The large baby blocks, pink curtains and the huge cracker jack box was also a gift from Ted. The rooms pictured below are the baby room (which by the way is about 12 by 50 ) and another 50 by 50 room that is used for hip-hop, ballroom and Latin dancing. Joshua has put his exercise equipment into the area for his workout clients. His dancers also have to workout!

The main room looked alot like the back room and they got in there with black and white paint and made it look wonderful in about a week. I have never seen work done so fast or so well.

They have created such a beautiful space and have a group of dancers that take my breath away. They have an Elite show coming up the 12th of June where all the school dancers including the Cornerstone members will perform. Our baby dancers are just wonderful. Cornerstone will have a performance in October and in February of each year featuring the junior and senior company dancers and select professionals from around the country. I am a proud mother and board member as if you couldn't tell. We are taking donations for our Cornerstone Student dancers. Since Cornerstone is a non- profit company any donation that is given is tax deductible. A lot of our students are financially strapped and need support. Please consider us if you have an excess of money and just need to give it away. Our students would be so very, very, grateful. God Bless,
Mama Deb( what the Elite students call me)

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