Saturday, May 31, 2008

Valuable Makeup Tip

This is just a short note about something I learned at my daughter's engagement party. Joshua's friend the wonderful Lauren, makeup person to the stars(truly)gave me the secret as to why actors don't sweat. Deodorant. I am standing there mopping up sweat off my face like a factory worker and I asked her what do you do to stay un-wet. She tells me that they use unscented deodorant. I didn't ask but I am really sure its the clear kind and not the white kind or you would look like a geisha. Anyway you put that on first then do your make up.... isn't that the best idea. I am trying it tomorrow. Don't forget ladies that if you have bags under your eyes use a little Preparation H to tighten up that skin. You know if you really put your mind to it you can think of all kinds of uses for these two products. Well more later. Tomorrow I will have pictures of the engagement party
hugs to all

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