Friday, June 6, 2008

Engagement Party. The First Wedding Event

I am so very excited!! We had the first REAL event of the wedding. Shane's aunt and uncle from Georgia, Pete and Carol Adamson, hosted the event at La Cuisine de Maman at Vermillionville. The food was delicious, the company was the best and everyone had a good time toasting Shane and Becky's engagement.

From top to bottom above is a grouping of Shane's family. the next is a picture of moi and the guests of honor and my friend from Houston, Texas, Kay McGuire. Kay just happened to be in town for the dog show and came as Becky's 'aunt'. All of our relatives live out of state. The last picture on the right is of Stan between Desiree Doucet and Lauren Thomas.

Top to bottom again the first picture is of Benny (Shane's dad), Stan, me, Shane, Rebekah, Carol and Pete(our hosts) and Francis(Shane's mom). The next picture is of Jessica(Shane's sister), and Benny. This is the first time I have met Jessica and she is delightful... and I am sure Benny will say that she takes after him the most!!!!!

Top to bottom : Joshua and Rebekah( my babies!), then Stan and Rebekah and lastly Lexi Billeaud, Rebekah, and Leigh Billeaud who is Becky's maid of honor.

The above group picture is of the Southwest Medical Center ED staff and next is of Joshua and Lauren Thomas. Lauren works in California as a makeup artist for different movies... she has consented to do our wedding makeup..... thank heavens! Becky could not have ask for a better in-law family and quite frankly Shane hit the jack pot too!!!

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Anonymous said...

looking for Leigh, I went to All Saints school with her in high school. If you know her will you let her know that a Leslie Vail is looking for her and to drop me an e-mail if possible.
Thank you for your time,