Saturday, June 7, 2008

Good Used Stuff

Wednesday was the day that I had had enough of my closets. I cleaned my bathroom closet and under my 2 sinks. I had a cleaning person doing the closets and under the sinks in the guest bathroom. I was exhausted and I am ashamed it took me about 6 hours to do the deed AND I threw out 3 large garbage bags full of stuff. Stuff. Stuff is important or at least at one time it was important or else we wouldn't have brought it home. The stuff I have in said places in my bathroom has been used at least once. To be truthful most of the 'stuff' has been used only once so it should be considered gently used. I should E-bay my stuff but that would involve me packing it up and going to the mailbox and mailing things in a timely manner when it sold. I have no doubt that it would sell after all, I bought the stuff someone else probably needs the same stuff I have. Mailing is the issue.. I still have a wedding present to get off to my Florida BFF's daughter and she is now expecting her first child. I have the present and it is wrapped... Tuesday... I am going Tuesday to mail the present to her, the baby gift to my husband's nephew, and a picture that my sister wants. I will not procrastinate. I digress, back to STUFF. The housekeeper did not want to throw out what looked like good stuff so she piled it on my bed for me to go through. I had stuff of my own to make a decision about. I have hot curlers, 6(SIX) curling irons in different sizes, 3 hair dryers(one is a bonnet style), and 2 flat irons. I have curling sticks(to give a corkscrew type curl to long hair), I have an automatic face scrubber, heated shoes that vibrate, jewelry cleaner for any type of jewelry and 2 electric tooth brushes. I found clippers, nippers, nail files and a wax hair remover. I found two different types of electric razors. Now those are treasures. I have an Epilady. It's been used once 23 years ago on Christmas Day. Again I just HAD to have an Epilady, it was all the rage back then. For those who don't know, an Epilady consists of two coiled springs that vibrate and as you pass it over your legs it rips the hair out by the roots. It allegedly keeps you from hair regrowth for at least 6 weeks. At any rate I knew I was getting it at Christmas so I let my leg hair grow. Christmas morning I opened it up and went to use the thing. I started it down by my ankle turned it on and it ATE IT'S WAY UP MY LEG. I started screaming to get it off, get it off. Both kids came running in. I was crying and screaming and they started crying. It was not one of my better moments. The box warning tells you to avoid using it in your arm pits and your pubic area....... AS IF. Forget water boarding, equip all interrogators with an Epilady one hit from that on their legs and the terrorists will give up Bin Ladin. The other electric hair remover is a slightly rough disk. It spins rapidly and 'sands' the hair off your legs. I got this for Becky at Christmas some time ago and she used it once. I used it the other night and its pretty neat. You just don't dare leave it in one position long because it sands the skin. Now this one leaves you a little 'ashy' so you have to use cream afterwards. Any of the above mentioned items are available and are FREE, just don't expect me to mail them anytime this year.

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dbartlett said...

Hey, Deb, I want that Epilady! I've had mine for about 19 or 20 years and it is worn out. I haven't been able to find another one.
Mama D.