Friday, June 6, 2008

My Answer to Anonymous

RE: Blog Pet Peeves 2-7
I have deeply offended you and for that I am sorry BUT I want you to re-read the entire blog. Give me some credit, like I said, I am not stupid. Yes I am cynical when it comes to the flagrant abuse of the health care system by a minority of people. I was not referring to the people presenting with REAL pain even those that have been on controlled substances for years. Many people I personally know need to remain on a cocktail of controlled substances just to manage their everyday lives until they can have surgical correction (if that is an option). Because I don't know who you are, I am guessing that you are not a nurse and if you are then for sure you do not work in the Emergency Department. The system abuser is taking up time and a room that could go to the person who really really needs the assistance(whether they are on medication already or not) There are few ER docs and nurses that cannot spot a system user and abuser a mile away and maybe that makes us all cynical but as I stated in the blog: I am tired of supporting the person who travels from state to state under different names to get an astronomical amount of medication each month. The driver of their group usually gets 1/2 the medication as "payment" so that he or she can sell said medication to our addicted husbands, wives, children and friends. I am tired of my tax dollars supporting a lazy liar who is working "off the books" in a manual job that is grueling without difficulty.... because he doesn't want to lose his check, one that OUR tax dollars is providing. I hit a nerve with you and I wonder why. I love my job but I stand by everything that I said and the pages that I didn't say. I do want to thank you for responding and telling your side. We are difficult to fool.

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