Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Last Wedding Installment(I promise) The Wedding Academy Awards

Every great production deserves awards, so I have started the Wedding Academy Awards. Unfortunately I do not have pictures for all the winners because as stated earlier my camera broke and I have been dependent on others for pictures.

Award for the Best Bride and Groom of 2008: (duh...) Rebekah and Shane Garrard

Best Caterer for a evening soiree held at the Hilton Hotel in Lafayette: TWISSTED SISTERS of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Pictured above are two of the best twisted sisters you could want!!!

Best Makeup Artist in a stressful situation... the fabulous Lauren Thomas
Best Entertainment Supplied by a Duo: Brian Wesson and Rick Green(voted unanimously by all who attended... also we are going thru an adoption process so that they HAVE to come to all family reunions)
Best Looking Trio from the bride's father's side of the family: Thelma, Elaine, and Lisa

Best Sister In Law 2008: Jessica Garrard
Most Gorgeous Cousins on the Brides side of the family :Trevor, Josh, Mindy. Not pictured but included in the award are Carrie, Ben, Jeff, Kyle,Rosemary, Lance, Gavin,Lisa, Mark, Robbon, Jenny, Brandon, Chris, Jen and Jon.

Award for the Greatest Aunts and Uncles as Duos: Barbara and Bob, Patti and Jack, Elaine and Ruben

Award for the Greatest Adopted Aunts: JoJo, Tante Jill, Ruthie and missing (due to Hurricane Ike) Kay McGuire

Award for the Best In-Laws: Frances and Benny Garrard AND Debbie and Stan Higginbotham(yea!!!! I do so love to win)

Award for the Best Dancing by a Father-In-Law: Benny Garrard(sorry Stan)

Award for the Best Support: My Spanx

Award for Best Hair Stylists Lori Lemelle and Christy Stelly

Award for Best Flowers and Decorations: Ted Viator and Staff from The Gardenaire

Award for the Best Food: Chef Brian, owner of Imonelli's

Award for the BEST WEDDING CAKE EVER: The Sweet Shoppe

Award for the Best Wedding Invitations: By Invitation Only

Special Award for the Best Supporting Cast: All the bridesmaids and groomsmen

Special Award for the Best Guests: All those wonderful people who made the day so very special

Final Award for the Best Host and Hostess with the mostest Yea!!!!!!!ME and Stanley

We had a blast, and enjoyed everyone that came. Thanks for being you!!!!

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