Friday, October 24, 2008

Other People's Wedding Food

We were sitting in the ER and it was quiet when the mother-in-law of one of our nurses called and said she had access to left over wedding food. Now to most people eating food left over from another wedding... of someone you don't know.. might be distasteful. Well those people who would turn their nose up at that are not ER nurses and ER doctors. The story is that the wedding reception was held at a local party place and the bride and family just walked out and said to throw the food away. They didn't even take the top of the cake. I personally don't think this wedding is going to last what with the throwing away of the cake top BUT hey I just LOVE wedding cake. YUMMMMMM. Our nurse's mom-in-law worked at said place and told us to come on down and get us some vittles. Mel brought back some decent food. Mind you it in no way was the quality of the food that we had but I was focused on the cake anyway. The cake was yum, it wasn't even in the ballpark of Becky's cake. Understanding that there is no such thing as actual bad wedding cake, on a scale of 1-10 with our cake at a 10 this was a 1.125. But hey, we were hungry and this was free food. Free food is the best kind unless it has been sitting out for several hours. So far none of us feels sick. We found out that Mel left some fried chicken because she didn't have room to carry it out. We sent Mel BACK to the reception hall with a big bowl and she returned with fried chicken and a different kind of cake. Aren't small towns great. It never occurred to us to hesitate to eat stranger's food. Can you imagine a friend calling you from somewhere in Toledo or Cincinnati saying, hey come on over here and get some free food, it's left over wedding food from people we don't know. Oh well, thanks to someone the whole hospital ate tonight and we didn't have to pay for it.... that's so ummmm democratic!!!!
Burrrrrp, have a nice day.

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Carrie White said...

Just think, if Obama is elected we will be required to order extra wedding food to feed the people who were not invited to our wedding, and oh yeah, we will have to deliver it to them too. And then the people who received the free food will sue us when they get food poisoning because the food sat out too long (not to mention we have to pay for the hospital visit).

And, just so you know, I really might have driven across town for free wedding cake.