Monday, November 17, 2008

Comfort Food

I was thinking about comfort foods tonight and it brought back 'mom' memories. Comfort food is the food you ingest that gives you feelings of well being. My earliest comfort food was Milk Toast. I can just hear the gagging from my 2 faithful readers but you don't know what you are missing. When we were sick(and not retching) mom would take 2 pieces of bread and really toast them but not burned. Then she would slather on the butter and put it into a bowl and cover it with hot milk. Salt and pepper were added last and voila... milk toast. YUM. I can still taste it. Real homemade mashed potatoes with butter also figured up in the top ten of my comfort foods. Mom also used to make fudge and I still can't find fudge made the way mom did. The fudge today is really creamy and mom's always had a grainy taste and it was a little hard. It probably wasn't very good fudge but we grew up on it and it is the best. I recall that my sister Barb said that she made a batch of mom's fudge... I need that recipe!! My other favorite comfort food is green Christmas tree cookies with white icing. Both cookie and icing are heavy on the butter. Again my sister Barb makes those and even tho I have the recipe they just aren't as good as when she makes them. Patti's contribution to the comfort food category is Czechoslovakian cookies. ...flour, butter, pecans, sugar and jam. They are so good it makes you humuuum. I made the severe mistake of making those for people at work and I have orders every year for a batch at Christmas time. I really don't make them any other time because they barely make it out of the pan. Down here in Lou-ee-z-anna it seems that comfort food starts with rice and then covered in gravy. It's pretty good. I am really curious about what makes up your comfort food. If you are reading this please put a comment in the comment section and share what it is that your mom gave to you when you were in need of comfort.


Carrie White said...

My mom (your sister) gave me LOVE, not FOOD, when I needed comfort.

Yeah, right. :-)

I guess my mom gave me love AND food -- maybe that explains my love of food? I feel loved when I eat....hmmm? Now I'm sad thinking about it...I'd better go get something to eat.

My comfort food of choice is cube steak, mashed potatoes and gravy. I think my mom made that every year for my birthday because it was (and is) my favorite home-cooked meal.

But, oh my, yes -- my mom makes the only kind of fudge I like -- grainy. Yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean. Why don't you drive up for xmas and maybe she'll make some for us. Good idea?

And, yes, "milk toast" did make me retch.

Anonymous said...

My comfort food is chicken-n-dumplings - the kind where the dumplings are made from bisquick.
In fact, I just made them recently.
"Give me some lovin" = "Give me some food".


monique said...

Hi Deb...Monique here (grandmother of your dog Elizabeth) lol...I have been faithfully reading your blog for some time now and I find you very entertaining to say the least...You made me bust out laughing while eating one time...needless to say food all over a computer is just not that great...however reading your comfort food reminds me of my grandmother used to pick me and my cousin up to spend the weekend with her faithfully..she would wake us up with my fav. "comfort food" eggs & makes me go yuummmmm every time...good farm eggs..not like these store bought ones..deep yellow yolk etc...and also she would make us "bread and milk", which was pulled apart bread and milk with sugar...Sort of like your milk toast...the best...well take care...Monique