Saturday, November 1, 2008

Making Selfishness a Virture?

You sir are a pompous ass. You accuse me of selfishness because I want to hang on to my money WHICH you implied wouldn't be touched but now the amount that qualifies the standard of middle class has been lowered to 120,000.00 a year. You either are a liar or you do not have a handle on the people campaigning for you including your Vice Presidential selection and your friend Bill Richardson. I want to hang on to the money that I EARNED by working hard all my life. I am accused of being selfish because I don't want to give more money to people who DO NOT WORK. And before you or anyone else goes there..... I am not a racist either because these lazy, do nothing individuals cross all racial lines. I am hugely pissed off at lazy white people just like I am lazy black people, lazy Latinos, LAZY PEOPLE OF ANY COLOR!!!!I have a small cross section of people that I see coming thru my working environment every day. (please refer to May 31, 2008 blog ER Pet Peeves #2-7 - We Are Not Stupid) You want to give MY MONEY to the poor disadvantaged people to help equal out the playing field. You need to work here for about 2 weeks and then tell me with a straight face that giving MORE money is going to make these particular individuals suddenly get the urge to educate themselves, stop having repeated illegitimate children that are largely uncared for, find a job and be productive members of society. That is just like pouring money down the drain... the problem is it is my money and NOT YOURS. What might work is to tell these particular individuals that if you don't go to school,take a job(any job) and work, that their benefits will dry up like dirt and blow away. I can just hear comments.... but I have a back injury and I have been disabled since (pick an age between 20 - 50) I can' work!!!! But I can play, dance, go to the clubs, run my car all over town, ride my dirt bike all over my camp...etc,etc,etc. Well my answer to that is find them a job that involves sitting down.... like answering a phone, filing,or typing to name a few.
When my dog doesn't eat the food placed in front of him then it will stay there till he does. When my dog gets hungry enough he will eat. When people realize that the government is not their personal sugar daddy and they get hungry enough maybe they will look deeply in themselves and find the initiative to better their own lives. You sir are going to continue to remove any possibilities of finding that initiative with your increased give away programs USING MY MONEY. I love change, it opens all possibilites for the future but the change you offer chills my blood. I can only hope that the American People wake up and soon.

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