Thursday, November 20, 2008

THE FOG or Maybe I Am Just Too Tired

I went shopping yesterday. I hate to shop because it involves getting dressed on my only real day off, getting in the car, driving somewhere, getting out of the car and walking into a store. Adding to the above you have to find a place to park. I make it a mission(and give myself points) to get the closest spot available even if I have to drive round and round. God forbid I burn 2 extra calories. I had to find a wedding present. I found a pedipaws, and a Tassimo Coffee maker( I didn't buy that... I just wanted to)I found snacks for the dancing school and nearly checked out before I realized that I hadn't bought the present. I left my purchases at the counter and found the present had it gift wrapped in a grey plastic bag(a Bed, Bath, and Beyond deluxe gift wrap) and I went to get into my car. I hit the remote for my trunk and nothing happened. I did it again..... nothing. Tried the door locks with the remote and again nothing. I was getting pretty steamed and nearly kicked the damn thing. I finally hit the alarm button and some damn fool car behind me started alarming. It nearly scared the poop out of me. I turned around to give the eye to the ninny in back of me blowing the horn. Guess what I found! My car with the trunk open and the alarm on and the lights flashing. I turned back to the first car... it wasn't the same make as my car or even the same color.... It just didn't register when I was standing there. I am very very glad I didn't haul off and kick it. No I do NOT need a keeper, I just think I need more sleep.

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Susie said...

Rolling on the floor, laughing my a** of!!! BTW, Puppy will be at Fort Stewart this weekend. He is out of Iraq, Thank God. He will be coming home Christmas Eve and then going to Kentucky sometime next year.