Thursday, November 6, 2008

Well It is Finally OVER

We have a new president. It is in fact history making in that he is partially African-American. He was not my choice but NOT because of his color. I wish him well. His views are not things that I can espouse. I still strongly feel that in spreading the wealth..again my wealth, pitiful as it an initiative killer and nothing will change. I have watched people who are being given things by the government and they want and EXPECT more. I know that there are exceptions to this statement but the feeling and attitude is there and I see it every day.

We have many friends of color who are experiencing problems of a racial bent since the election. So to you sore losers in Lafayette, GROW UP. My bet is that the ones that are name calling and threatening others did not even vote. You don't like the new President??? Too bad, get involved in the political environment. I believe(I have to)that we can make a difference. Obama allegedly works for us. I have to believe that we are strong enough to make a difference. And if we can't make a difference then we have 4 years to get behind a candidate and understand what is happening in our country and our world.
The Bible says that we need to always favor Israel. I have never forgotten that and it is foremost in my mind. So Mr. President-elect, I am one, but I am watching.

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