Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good bye Bob and Chelsea

There should be a rule that children outlive their parents. A loss of a child has to be the most devastating loss imaginable. As parents we raise, nurture and instill all of our love into our offspring. Parental reward is watching our offspring grow, mature and often raise offspring of their own. It's a continuation of our line that's just supposed to be. Joshua's youngest sister Chelsea, the youngest child of Peggy and Steve, tragically died in the early morning hours of June 26. Joshua was devastated not only for her loss personally, but what that loss meant to his father and step-mother. I can't imagine the level of grief that is surrounding their home and can only pray that God will bring a measure of peace to them and provide strength to go forward each day.

My brother-in-law Bob died June 27th in the early morning hours. He had been fighting bone cancer and all thought he was doing well. He had been at the Cleveland Clinic where according to my sister he received the best of care by all the staff. He died of a cardiac arrest. It was sudden, unexpected and equally devastating to those who knew and loved him. He left behind my sister Barb, his three children, their spouses, his 6 grandchildren and his sisters Danielle and Connie.
My sister married Bob when she was nineteen(she always says I was 20 the next day!) They had a marriage that few could match. He adored her and his children. He was a compassionate man who loved the Lord and lived his life as a witness to the glory of God.
When I received the news that he was gone many things went thru my mind one of which was that he was so good to our mother. He went out of his way to help her when she needed him. He died on what would have been her 93rd birthday. I have often witnessed death and been blessed to see 'signs' that the dying often have visitors that we don't see. I have heard the dying whisper a name with a smile on their lips when they take their last breath. I believe that when it was his time to go that InaLee was there to help him as he did her.
Good bye Bob and Chelsea. You leave behind a host of people that will miss you for the length of their own lives.

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Yvette Burleigh said...

I am so sorry for these losses in your family. Our prayers are with you and Josh and all of your family. My heart goes out to Josh at the loss of his sister. May you all draw strength from the Lord and may His presence surround your hearts always.