Monday, March 22, 2010


Not every blog is going to be political, funny, or even worthy of reading. Today I am writing for me and if you get something out of it, then great. Today I feel less. I feel less worthy, less important, less smart... lots of lesses. What I feel is diminished from what I was yesterday. I know that we are responsible for our own happiness, worthiness and positive outlook. A lot of times though all those things are tied into something or someone else and it becomes hard to be separate. I loathe the current psychobabble about finding and maintaining your own personhood to the expense of all those around you. I can't function like that. I just have to be able to close off the part of me that invests my all into whatever project I am involved in doing. I must learn not to allow words and others actions to make me feel less. I AM a really good person and I really am smart and intuitive. I am not negative but I am a realist. I am for better or worse the person that God made with all my blessings and flaws.

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Carrie White said...

You need to come to Ohio for a "pick-me-up." You know...Aunt Connie has planned a Heibel reunion for the weekend of April 9 and 10 at Sauder Inn (the same hotel we stayed at for my dad's funeral). You could make a trip up to Ohio and visit all of us. That would really pick me up too because I LOVE spehding time with you.