Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hair color or What in the hell have I done to myself

There is a saying in medicine..... a person who treats himself has a fool for a doctor. Now we all know that the AMA put that out so that the MD's, DO's etc could rake in the dough from people who with a little thought could really care for themselves.... I mean really.... isn't that what MedMD is for. You put in your symptoms and voila!!!! you have 20 diseases to choose from... It's kind of like a smorgesbord ... choose your syndrome... if one sounds nasty...pick another. People should be able to handle all sorts of things by simply following directions..... You can go to Lowes and learn how to lay hard wood floors and save a TON of money on installation. There are legal forms you can down load with INSTRUCTIONS on how to do all sorts of things that you would pay good money to have a legal eagle do........ and if you are the mother of a soon to be bride you need to save all the money you can.....(refer to saving money plans in my first post) Yesterday I discovered roots. Not A. Haley's but my own dull, grayish brown roots. And I thought ...I am going to save myself 100 bucks. I went to the store and bought some L'oreal for 17.00(because I am worth it) followed the instructions to the letter and got a color that was okaaaaay but not great like when Laurie does it. It just didn't shine.... and the color wasn't vibrant like on the package and I didn't look like the girl on the package either so that was a disappointment as well. So today I went to Sally's hair supply wholesale and got myself some more color. This is a demi-color..... it will wash out..(but trust me not nearly soon enough) and it is supposed to add shine 'so much you gonna need shades' to look at me...... I spent another 5.99 for the color and 6.99 for some processing stuff. I followed the instructions EXACTLY and i have black hair..... well that's not quite true... i have very very dark red hair with some dark, dark brown undertones... kind of a goth look. I am going to pull this off by wearing some really dramatic make up and pretending that I just LOVE the new me. Joshua just came in and didn't say a word... I called and asked him what he thought about my hair. He paused for a really long time and said it was umm great. (he was trying to find the words so that I wouldn't shave my head in a rash over correction) I told him that I was just going to bleach it out and be blond for a while..... and he says to me " Don't continue down the path of wrong choices" Is that not the most profound thing... he was apparently not impressed with my shiny locks
Well friends I have to go... I need to make a hair appointment, Doctor appointment and find an attorney just in case

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