Saturday, August 30, 2008

Here We Go Again and Wedding Update

I am getting a little tired of hurricanes. I have been on duty for the last several big ones and it looks like by luck of the draw I get Gustav with the rest of my co-workers. We discussed what we will bring to the hospital for food in case we get stuck there all day. Hurricane food is important because it needs to provide a lot of energy and has to be portable so you can eat on the run. Things like Ding-Dongs, potato chips, cookies and Twinkies come to mind but to each his own. As of 8am this Saturday morning Gustav is a Cat 3. Oh joy. I think I am going to do a prayer march around the church and the reception place.... I may also include the restaurant owned by the caterer. I wish that the rest of you faithful 2 readers would include these areas in with your nightly prayers.. seems a bit selfish but..... well, it is a lot selfish but I really want the wedding to go off without a hitch. Please also pray for the whole state just in case, we have had enough. Everything is done for the wedding(I think) except that I don't have my shoes. If all else fails I can probably get by with just painting my toenails.... my dress is really long. Oh I almost forgot... I have to finish putting bows on the bubbles and bells and do the little wedding souvenirs( I am going to enlist my mother-in-law and my Florida BFF Jo-Jo to help with the souvenirs). The gift bags will be done by Becky and me next week. I have it on a good source from the Queen of gift bags, sister Patti, that they are going to be great!! She really didn't want to know but I wanted to make sure they were up to her standards. I have purchased the wine, beer and colas for the party Friday night and the caterer is ready with the snacks. Come for fun and bring your cameras.
Well I must go to bed... I will keep you all posted about the weather and what is happening down here in in Louisiana.

P.S. Bentley is still AWOL. I can only pray that someone nice has him.

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Susie said...

We will add it to our prayers list. Don't know where we are going yet but we will definitely be at Mom and Dad's house unless we all leave the area. Good to know our favorite nurse will be on duty!!! You know my klutzy accident prone family!!! Can't wait for the wedding. Dallas sends hugs and kisses.