Friday, August 29, 2008

Mr. Bentley

Wednesday morning at 5am I let my 8 year old English bulldog out to do his business. He loves to sniff and pee, sniff and pee for what seems like forever. He must investigate the whole backyard to make sure that no other dog has invaded his kingdom. He chases the neighbor's chickens that they have allowed to run free and checks out the bunnies that the neighbors have also allowed to roam. He takes his time and returns inside when all is right with his world or his dinner is ready or he is too hot. I leave the door just cracked and about 10 minutes later he comes in to go back to bed. This day he didn't come back in and I missed him about 30 minutes later. I called and whistled and shook his noise maker to no avail. I was heart sick and went out to look for him. I saw him two fields over with another dog, sniffing away and not responding to my yelling.... then he disappeared from view. He has not returned home yet and my heart is broken. He doesn't do well in the heat. I am praying that someone has found him and just can't resist those beautiful brown eyes. If you have him please note that he sleeps in your bed(usually on his back with his feet in the air), he will sit on your lap in the recliner and he loves to chase lights and noise makers. He is a gentle soul with a big heart and a stubborn streak. He has raised a boxer and another English bulldog and puts up with all kinds of dog abuse. Demi and Elizabeth are missing him. They went out the other night and stood in the back yard butt to butt and just barked... then changed direction and barked again. They both have investigated his kennel and searched the house. Elizabeth went to his kennel and whined. Bentley we are all missing you. I hope you are on a grand adventure.. but if not, know that you have my heart with you and I greatly miss the weight of you on my legs. It's not the same at home without you. Bentley, my "Mr. Man" come home.

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