Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OH CRAP......

You cannot expect that all things will be done perfectly and according to plan when you are having a big event ....like for instance a WEDDING. The first problem was the closing of the restaurant where the reception was to be held. That actually was a blessing in disguise because the wonderful Ted Viator found us The Crown Room and a great caterer so that problem was quickly solved. Lots of great things happened since then like I found all my 'duds' at one store within 90 minutes, we have a great cake, we have had 2 great parties, we have the hair, nail, and makeup people lined up. All was just as smooth as glass. The only thing left last week to do was the GIFT Bags (which if you read Blog 4/20/08 you will understand its' level of importance ) the wedding favors and most important the INVITATIONS. The invitations came in and we picked them up Wednesday. I went to Becky's and pulled one to take to work. I looked it over and really was thrilled at how lovely they were. I left and went on my merry way until I reached a stop light and I had a sinking feeling that I was missing something. I glanced again at the invitation and realized that it was perfect except that it was missing the TIME. Now we could send them out and people could show up at the church at 7am and just wait till the bridal party showed up or I could hand write the time on the invites or I could include a card that states the time of the event. Tammy the wonderful owner of By Invitation Only having good sense and taste, refused to allow any of the above to take place. The fact is that Tammy, Becky and I all approved the proof. Tammy made a quick call and will have the invitations ready for today in the afternoon. I have been informed by MANY people that I am way late in sending them out. Well you know what, MY BAD. So please note: The wedding of the year featuring the wonderful Rebekah and the equally wonderful Shane will be held on September 13th at 1:30pm at Our Lady of Fatima, Y'all come.

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Carrie White said...

Thank you for the wonderful invitation. Here is my RSVP:
I WILL attend.
I want the chicken. :-)
Now, since the "invitation" (and I use that term loosely) didn't mention where they are registered, I guess I don't have to get a gift. How wonderful! See you there.