Monday, August 11, 2008

Ode to the Spanx Queen

My blogging niece requested that I place my new poem on my blogging site. I hope you all enjoy.

Ode to the Spanx Queen
One foot front of the other as I glide down the aisle,
My Spanx pulled tight, my buns in a pile
of fat squeezed together as tight as can be,
Not a whisper of space left over for me.
If I take a deep breath or do chance to fart
I am afraid that I will come busting apart
and show to the audience what I've tried so to hide,
My rippley thighs and my butt a mile wide.
The End
My friend Troy Sonnier felt that we could make some serious money. He could film me trying to pull up the spanx and put it on the internet on a pay for view venue...... hummmmmmmm

1 comment:

Carrie White said...

You've already lost all your dignity with your husband -- why not post it online?! Great idea! I'd definitely pay to see it.