Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wedding Installment #1 - September 12, 2008 Bridesmaid and Others Luncheon...and me with a broken camera

Well the prayers worked. The wedding was not blown away by Ike. My FBFF Jojo came in on Tuesday morning for which I am still thankful for and my mother-in-law came in that night. At the last minute our bridesmaid luncheon had to be moved to the hotel due to family illness with the hostess. I was still doing the small stuff that needed to get done and my sisters and Jojo took that duty over. The decorations and food were OUTSTANDING. We hosted all the female wedding guests that were in the hotel, and the bridesmaids. It was a good time and it would not have been nearly so good if not for my family and friends. I spent a goodly time in tears for various reasons. I was happy, I was tired, I was happy and tired...you know the most obvious reasons for tears. Ike prevented my niece Jennie and husband, Brandon from coming so I cried about that(along with her crying as well) She was greatly missed. I seemed that we moved from one eating event to another and worst of all, I had no camera with which to record all the events. My camera stopped functioning the wedding week. The pictures in this blog are thanks to my niece Carrie. The above two pics are of my sisters Patti and Barbara and the bottom one is of Ruth and Jojo. Becky gave out beautiful robes with embroidered initials for each of the bridesmaids. In the picture below is Jessica Gerrard(Shane's sister) Megan Arceneaux(H.S. Friend and European travel buddy), Becky, Leigh Billeaud(maid-of-honor and friend since 3rd grade), and April Manuel(H.S. friend) Leah her other bridesmaid was ill and could not make the luncheon. Carol Adamson and sister Frances Garrard(Becky's mom-in-law) were in attendance as wellAnd last but not least the proud mama and her baby girl

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