Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wedding 6 Days and Counting.... Yikes....Ike

Okay I believe in the power of prayer. Those of you who agree please start lifting Lafayette and the surrounding areas up in prayer. Ike is breathing down our neck and the wedding is still on. I will admit to being very very nervous and upset with all the stomach and bowel things that go with that. I just want to have the best time and watch my lovely daughter and her equally lovely fiance get married, eat great food, a lot of cake and drink about 30 martinis.... which if the wedding goes off without a hitch I will deserve( just plant me in a corner somewhere). Pray for our airplane travelers that they are not held up anywhere and that all will be well.

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Carrie White said...

With all the stomach and bowel issues you are having, you might not need your Spanx.