Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday September 2, 2008 D.A.G.(you got it.... day after Gustav)

Since my last entry things have calmed down. We got hit but not nearly as bad as it could be. We stared a twenty -four hour shift Monday morning to Tuesday am to keep the ER staffed thru the storm. All was well here, we had a small backup generator that kept the ER going and someone who is the smartest person ever, rigged up a portable air conditioner in the ER. My only problem was sleeping. I went to bed Monday morning and the day people decided that our hall where the night crew was sleeping was a corridor to see outside and came thru talking and laughing and having a good time. One unfortunate person came into my room to mop the floor. We had condensation as soon as the electricity went off. Said individual come into my room with her small chatty child with her..... and her small chatty child had toys.... they were all so very chatty until I said 'DO YOU MIND.... STOP TALKING... I AM TRYING TO SLEEP HERE'. I am sure I have the title of bitch of the year but PLEASE some consideration should have been shown. I got maybe 3 hours sleep. I went back on duty at 7pm till this am. When I left the hospital I walked down the same hall, singing and whistling, and slamming doors, just my little way of letting them know what it's like. I am back on duty at 7 pm tonight.... but before you think what a dedicated nurse I am.....I will confess that we don't have A/C at home and no running water. Work looks like a vacation to me and I get paid..... no problem deciding where I want to be!!
With in the next few days I will post pictures of the hurricane crew. Our house is in good shape but we lost a few trees and of course the yard is a mess. Oh well, small problems compared to what could have happened. Stan and Joshua pretty well secured the house with the windows boarded up and all yard items secured. Apparently a tornado whipped thru and did most of the damage down the street. Again we are blessed. Now to all of you who prayed and kept us safe.... continue with the prayers to keep Josephine and Ike away from the gulf...... we have 11 days till the wedding. I Love you all.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading your posts. Glad you're safe. I am getting so excited about next weekend. See you then. -Mindy

Bebe said...

So good to hear you are okay. The wedding is meant to be. Now if Hurricane Ike will just cooperate. Be safe.