Friday, September 26, 2008

Wedding Installment #3 - Morning of the Big Day 9/13/2008

NOTE: When I can get a disk with some pictures on it I will post in this blog so please check back on occasion.

I got up early and with my sister Barbara, my mom-in-law Thelma went to Salon Indulgence owned by my friend Christy Stelly. We got our big do's (I do so love the Big Texas Hair look)and headed back to the hotel to dress. Stan managed to get me into my Spanx with little problem and a few snickers. I put on my dress and felt that I looked pretty good. Now in the pictures that I have seen since I feel like I look like a brown stuffed sausage.... but my friends all said I looked lovely. That is what friends are for!! I shoved my bea-u-tee ful shoes on my swollen tankles and left for the brides room. Only a mom knows the feeling of the first sight of your daughter standing in her wedding dress. I was struck by how fast time as flown. It was just yesterday that a 10lb 9oz girl entered my world and my heart. It was just yesterday that we did 'eyelash' kisses and she crept into my bed dressed in her daddy's tee shirt(her favorite sleeping attire). It was just yesterday that she narrowed her eyes at me and told me "I do it" when I tried to pick out her clothes. It was just yesterday that Stan had to wash her mouth out with soap for saying 'som-a-bitch' to the neighbor at the age of three. It was just a minute ago that she met Shane and now she was preparing to enter into a pledge that will last a lifetime. Somehow she grew up in a blink of an eye. I thought I was ready.

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