Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elite Season One Finale with Cornerstone Dance Theater

Every year I swear it's the best year ever. This year surpassed even my expectations. We had a record number of guests. Six guests accidentally came thinking they were at a piano review(held in the same building but down the hall) They left our review to go to the piano recital and came directly back. Afterwards these lovely people told me that they would make an effort to be at every show that we produced. They said "This was a dance review?" "This isn't like any review we have ever seen." We had a couple from Baton Rouge that also said they would never miss anything we staged.
Joshua you did good, really really good!!! There was no delay between numbers, the dances were beautifully done, the dancers were simply the best.... even the babies!! I couldn't choose pictures to represent all the acts there were just too many good ones, I selected a few but really nothing can show you the actual level of professional performance that all of our kids displayed. The adult class gave me chills. It was done in shadow and only at the end did the spots highlight the dancers. You adults should be so proud of yourself. I believe that we have the absolute best adult dancers in the city. No dance review can go off without help. Back stage, Christy and Lisa and Annette handled all the hair, makeup, clothes changing and nervous dancers. No parents are allowed back stage even with the babies. Our dancers are taught to get themselves together, get in line for make-up and hair(those that can't do it themselves) and keep their belongings together. I can't forget BEFORE the production we had many parent helpers. A huge SHOUT OUT to Mike and Mary Flowers who printed our book(that Chrisy compiled late at night) with the help of David and Yvette Burleigh. Mike also built the huge stage prop used in the first number. Anyone who needs outstanding handyman service email me and I will get you his number. He is the BOMB. David did a video that was shown during the performance showing what the last 4 years have been in the eyes of the dancers. David and his wonderful wife Yvette have been faithful supporters of Joshua and his vision. David does video montages of your family pics and does an fabulous job. Again anyone wanting that service please email me and I will get you his number.
Elite typically does not use any props for their performances. Our dancers don't need props or sparkles. They come out on the stage and you're riveted to your seat. This year we used a record number of props... two. We had a large box like prop for the first number and we had a bench used in another number. Elite guys and gals. You are simply the best. Meagan, Leigha, Jazmyn, Amanda and Christy : you have the gift of teaching. You have given our dancers so very much of yourselves.
Joshua, this is your calling and your blessing. Thank you for allowing me along for the ride. I am so very proud of you.


Yvette Burleigh said...

Hey Mama Deb... you are so kind... by the way... it's Mike and MARTY... not Mike and Mary. LOL! I agree with you... the recital was fantastic! Everyone was amazing and David and I are so proud of everyone. It is our privilege and honor to have our daughter at Elite. You have a wonderful, fantastic, and amazing son! And a wonderful mother you are as well. Thank you for always being such an encouragement. Lots of love and hugs to ya!

Carrie White said...

Wow! Wish I could have been there. The pics alone are amazing!

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