Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weight Loss Incentive and the Hip-Hop Mama

While I was entertaining the men(and women) of dancedom(refer to Blog "It's Raining Men) I lamented that I was having trouble finding incentive to keep me on my weight loss path. I jokingly said that if I lost all my weight I wanted to do a dance with Keith, Travis and Chris. Keith said to me "mama if you lose the weight we will teach you to dance". Joshua pretty much vetoed the idea of me ever appearing in one of his productions but Keith will get his way. Since they left I have lost 14 pounds. That is 56 sticks of butter to put it in perspective and actually feel much better. I am going to hold the guys to it and do a hip-hop dance with them. Those that know me, close your eyes and picture me in black spandex pants and a red sequined top..... and red tennis shoes. Oh, don't forget the big hair... I just have to have big hair. There are a lot of people who would spend big bucks to see me get up on stage and dance. Joshua would have a sell out crowd. Stan just smiled and wisely did not comment when I shared my wish with him. He is still remembering trying to hoist my large ass into my Spanx for Becky's wedding.
I do have a concern that when I lose the weight my upper arm dingle-dangle will just get more saggy and I don't have the money to get it cut off. I can see me up on stage; I would slap the crap out of myself every time I moved my arms. I will just have to make sure that my red sequined top has tight fitted elastic sleeves.
I know there are a few of you that don't believe that I will do it. I promise you if the weight is gone come next June AND I can convince Joshua to let me, I will be out there popping and hopping with Keith, Travis and Chris. Won't that be a hoot!!!!!!

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Carrie White said...

I'm booking my plane ticket now! I would pay big $$$ to see that!