Friday, June 19, 2009

Health Care, Korea, Iran, and the Prom King

WAKE UP PEOPLE. We are being sold a bill of goods by our charismatic president. I can only hope that we wake up quickly enough to save our country from it's rapid slide into socialism. Iran is in turmoil and our leader says that we won't meddle. I think that as our leader President O should at least offer verbal support to the masses protesting the election results. He will probably wait to see which side wins then he can jump on the bandwagon and offer countless platitudes that the press, those liberal Obamamaniacs will cover glowingly. While waiting for Iran to settle down he has his fingers crossed that North Korea won't start a nuclear war because someone farted upwind from Kim Jong-il. He did make a radical statement that a nuclear armed Korea posed a 'grave threat'. Boy oh boy he had me shaking in my boots. Just the way he said "grave threat" sounded so masterful. It's just my opinion but this wouldn't be happening if Kennedy, Reagan, Bush or (to a small degree) Clinton were in office. Obama is a pussy in a 600 dollar suit. The terrorists in the world have drawn a line in the sand and our Leader has turned around and walked the other way.

The government has the banks, the auto industry and now is moving into the health insurance field. We need health care reform not a national insurance plan that will put us squarely into the socialized medicine arena. I have posted many pet peeves that I have working in the medical field relating to abusers of the system. We need a new Czar(I HATE that term by the way) We need someone to revamp the current medicaid system that hands out cards willy-nilly to just about anyone that has a medical issue. Case in point a few weeks ago a healthy 35 year old man shows up in the ER with his medicaid card that he has because he is diabetic. He takes oral medication not injections and HE CAN'T WORK. He was healthy, well nourished and had a minor medical problem that he wanted to have taken care of before he left on VACATION. It is a testimony to how badly I need to work(I need my medical insurance) that I didn't slap the snot out of the lazy SOB. I am supporting enough people now. To pay for the uninsured with my taxes is a bit too much. I read on posts from other nurses across the country and know that what I experience is the norm. We have a country full of people that expect the working class to take care of them. Listen up, just because you have a uterus doesn't mean you have to fill it every other year. I am not your mama and should not have to pay for your illegitimate children. Children cost money and if you want to have one or some, you need to be able to pay for them. I have had people actually tell me that they can't work because they have children. I wanted more than two children but I couldn't afford more. Maybe if I didn't have to take care of your kids I could have had more. I have no problem helping out the WORKING poor and don't bat an eye when they present a medicaid card. They. Are. Working. They are not totally living off government programs, driving new cars, getting free health care and food. We have a huge number of people that do not marry but live together and have kids so that they can get medicaid. These people live better than I do. I am for free medical care for the working poor. Have the government subsidize free clinics all over. To get free care you would have to be employed or show at least a job history. You can come to the free clinic if you just lost your job if you are actively looking for another one. You would have to show your tax statements for the last several years and if you can afford health insurance but refuse to get it then you get booted to the street, sick or no. It's not my fault you want the boat, camp, hunting lease, jewelry and clothes more than you want to invest in insurance that you might never use because "I don't get sick". My doctor told me of a case of a wealthy Lafayette couple that she was friendly with, that got a divorce because the husband is sick. They still live together but because the wife got everything in the "divorce" the ex gets medicaid benefits. We need to go after the wife and force her to pay for medical insurance for her ailing ex-spouse. I have a good idea. I am paying a lot of taxes to support healthy people to stay home and I need work done at my house. How about this, you continue to get your "checks" that my taxes pay for and you come clean, do my lawn, and cook for me. I have to work hard to supply what my family needs and look out for your family as well, so my house work never gets done. I, of course, will not pay you because you are already getting paid BUT if necessary you can bring your kids as long as they are quiet.

I still pray every night for the safety of our President because the thought of Joe Biden stepping up to the plate just scares the crap right out of me. Obama had to know what a doofus Biden was before he selected him as a running mate. He does make Obama look smart.

Obama is a charismatic man. He would have to man up before he could come close to what I expect the leader of the free world to act like. I didn't vote for him for president but with his smile and personality I would have voted him for prom king

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Carrie White said...

You go girl!! Shout it from the rooftop! I like you more with each blog. :-)