Thursday, April 1, 2010

Overall Nasty People and Easter

What is going on in our country? The news is filled with just purely nasty people doing really nasty things. Obamacare passed and there was bipartisan backlash with verbal threats and actual gunshots fired. Quite frankly this is the first real bipartisan thing that has happened since Obama got elected..too bad it's related to violence. What is obvious is the lack of news coverage when the nastiness is committed against members of the conservative right. The mainstream media seems to ignore any of the hateful things that happen to the conservatives and yet spend good air time unfairly blaming the right for inciting the people to violent behavior. I have really really had it with almost all news stations except for Fox. I do listen to the other stations but remain disgusted at the unfair coverage. I can depend on Fox to clearly show both sides. We are a country that is led by a man who is slowly leading us into a socialized society and those that object to the loss of our freedoms are vilified by the press. We are approaching Easter with news of a teenage suicide brought on by peer harassment with responsible adults standing by and doing nothing. Where were the teachers and the administrators when this poor girl was being harassed. They were aware it was happening and looked the other way. They have her blood on their hands and I hope she haunts their dreams. We have a man who lost his son in the war who was harassed at his funeral by so called Christians. He sued and won and then the ruling was overturned by a higher court. Not only that but the court awarded the so called church 16 thousand dollars to pay for their legal fees. The only bright side to this debacle is that the country has been mobilized and REAL Christians are sending money to this man to help him cover the fine while he appeals to the Supreme Court. We have children who are beating up old people for fun. Who raised these monsters, these children without consciences. There was a horrendous murder yesterday in Washington committed by a 14 year old. Where are his parents and why wasn't he taught the sanctity of life. We have sexual predators being released back into the public and they commit even worse atrocities. We have priests who use their position to molest children and the Church protects them. Surely on this Eve of Easter Jesus is weeping for us.


Yvette Burleigh said...

According to prophecy things are only going to get worse. It is sickening and sad at the same time. This is the fruit of the sin nature that lives in all of us. We ALL need a Savior and this sort of thing only proves it more. I don't even watch the news anymore because it's becoming just a bunch of numbers of people being killed or committing some crime or another... not to mention reading about some famous person who committed adultery. The news media makes a big deal or big story over someone's sin. And I want to watch that why? Change can only be made on the knees. And that is what I choose to do. But in response to your blog today... I totally agree. Love you!

Carrie White said...

Why are teens killing and have no respect for the sanctity of human life?! Because their president has no respect for the sanctity of human life!