Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day and Thelma's Birthday

I was just on facebook and read an entry from Angela Jacob It said "happy income distribution day" to which I added a comment that it gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling to give my income to those who MOST expect it. I get livid when I am at work and come across those who EXPECT to be cared for and have no incentive or drive to take care of evidenced by my last blog entry. I really have trouble at times being compassionate to idiots who are inappropriately using the ER with my tax dollars. The old adage the only sure thing in life is death and taxes needs updated with the recent government additions to the budget. It should now read the only sure thing in life is death by taxes. I am still support an overall tax on consumer goods and do away with the income tax. That way we all(including the entitled ones) pay the same amount of taxes based on our expenditures plus we could pretty much say buh-bye to the IRS.

The other thing April 15 celebrates is my Mother-in-law Thelma's birthday. Thelma, Happy, Happy 85th birthday. I wonder what you dreamed of when you thought of a wife for your only son. It probably wasn't me in my outspoken often overweight glory. I can't even keep house. But we have learned about each other and I believe to appreciate our different ways of looking at life. I am putting together a family photo book for my kids. I have been working on this project for about 10 years but not diligently. Every year I swear it will be done for Christmas. Thelma and I spent several hours together while she told me stories about her family so that Becky would have a greater knowledge about her own history. Listening to her gave me a greater understanding of the 'stuff' she was made of. Thelma is mother to Elaine and Stanley, grandmother to Rebekah, Joshua, Lance, Kyle, Gavin, and Trevor, great-grandmother to Morgan, Cameron, Chase, Claire and Graham. She is a formidable woman who values family above all. I can still see the look on her face when she saw her granddaughter Rebekah for the first time. She had tears in her eyes as she pronounced her beautiful. You are a friend and I value and love you. Happy Birthday

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